20 Seconds of Insane Courage 3.7/5 (13)

“Twenty seconds of insane courage” was a quote from a movie she enjoyed. It was what she so desperately wanted to be able to muster. She wanted to cross over that hurdle looming before her but it was so hard.

She was someone who liked to be “in control” in most situations most of the time. It was a comfortable place for her to be – yet she yearned to surrender that control to the one person she trusted more than anyone else. “Twenty seconds of insane courage” she repeated to herself. This was the day it was going to happen!

Bondage was always something they had talked about – something she knew he would enjoy. It would show him that she fully and unconditionally trusted him and would surrender herself to him completely. She had found it so hot when she read about it in other stories. She wanted to be able to surrender like that – but it would definitely take those twenty seconds of insane courage for her to be able to follow through.

She prepared the room before he got home from work. She put on one of her favorite nightgowns and lacey black panties. She didn’t want to be too obvious when he arrived. He had had a busy and stressful week at work.

She was hoping that maybe this would be the recipe he needed for some “stress relief.” She would have dinner ready when he arrived. She would just let him fantasize about having a nice intimate evening once dinner was done and cleaned up.

He came home right on schedule. His face broke into a grin when he saw her in her negligee. He would have gladly skipped dinner and gone straight to “dessert” but she had prepared a nice meal – so he agreed to sit down and eat first.

They talked about the day as if nothing was unusual. She tried to “spice” dinner up a little by seductively tracing her fingers along the top rim of her glass, licking her fingers across the table from him, shifting in her chair so her knee was visible above the table and if he shifted his head, he could just barely see the lace panties she wore beneath that nightgown.

He quickly volunteered to help clean up the dishes. She thought he was just anxious to get on with the rest of the evening, but he was actually planning on getting it on right now. As she bent to put the dishes into the dishwasher, he snuck up behind her and ran his hands up the back of her thighs.

She sighed at the touch of his skin on hers. She stayed bent over as if she had to rearrange the whole dishwasher – she did not want him to stop touching her. He squeezed her ass and let out his own sigh.

A moment later, he lifted her up and sat her down on the island. The granite was cold beneath her ass, but it felt great. She was already getting hot, so the feel of the cold granite was a nice contrast. They locked eyes then locked lips. She was unbuttoning his shirt as they devoured each other. Once his shirt and his t-shirt were removed, she suggested they retreat to the bedroom for more privacy. He was happy to oblige.

When he went into the bedroom, he was surprised to see the bed already pulled back. There were candles ready to be lit. She went over to light them and he walked over to the edge of the bed. When he looked more closely, he saw a blindfold, restraints, and miscellaneous sex toys. He was immediately hard. He had waited so long for her to be ready to take this step. He looked at her for some sign that this was not a joke.

She approached him with the blindfold in her mouth. He removed it from her mouth and gently put it over her eyes. He held her tight and reassured her that he loved her more than anything in the world. They kissed and caressed one another for several moments before he laid her back on the bed. “Twenty seconds of insane courage” she whispered to herself as she surrendered first one wrist then the other for him to secure to the corners of the bed.

He climbed on top of her and they continued kissing (although now she could not see the kisses coming). She felt his weight shift slightly then she felt his lips traveling down her neck toward her chest. She knew that her breasts were still covered by her negligee, although she secretly wished they were not.

He slid his hand under her nightgown and caressed her belly with such love that she could have just melted into the sheets! She wished she could reach out and grab him back, but her hands were tied, so all she could do was move her body to react to his touch.

He pulled the nightgown up and over her breasts so now it was gathered around her neck. He rubbed his own bare chest up and down over hers all the while covering her with gentle kisses. She told him she loved him, but he told her to stay quiet and just “enjoy.”

He kissed every inch of her now exposed chest and abdomen before moving his fingers to the waistband of her panties. She immediately raised her hips to show her desire for him to explore. He kept his hands on the outside of her panties for a few more moments before gently removing them – leaving her now naked from the neck down.

She felt extremely exposed since she could not see him and she suspected he still had his own pants on, but she trusted him unconditionally – so she tried to let go and just lose herself in his touch.

With her panties gone, he reached for one ankle then the other securing them also to the corners of the bed. This was her moment of truth. Could she let go or would she ask him to stop. She knew he would stop if she asked but she really wanted to be able to surrender herself to him – so one last time,

she reminded herself of “twenty seconds of insane courage.” Now she was completely vulnerable. She could not see/ she could not use her hands or feet and he had asked her to stay quiet.

Her sense of hearing and touch seemed to become even more alert. She heard him unbuckle his belt and she heard the belt slide out of his pants. Next she heard the zipper and the pants all to the floor. All she could do was wait. She felt his weight push down once again on the mattress on both sides of her, so she suspected he was kneeling over her.

She continued to wait to see what he would do with her. As gentle as ever, he caressed her – from neck right down to her ankles – first on one side of her body then on the other. He must have been supporting his weight with his other hand as he only had one hand on her at a time. She just closed her eyes under the blindfold and relished his touch, his tenderness, his love.

His weight shifted again. She was on alert. What was he going to do now? She heard a slight popping sound then smelled the aroma of the massage oil. He dripped some over each of her breasts then proceeded to rub it all over her chest. She knew what would come next! He slowly and deliberately licked off all of the oil he had just put on her tits. Although he had asked her to stay quiet, she could not contain her moans of delight as his warm mouth surrounded her nipples.

He did not seem to object to her sounds of approval. When he was good and finished with her breasts, she felt the oil drip again – this time much further south. She moved her hips in anticipation of what was to come. Her legs were already spread so he had access to her whole body. He was slow and deliberate again. No need to rush – they had all night.

He massaged the oils all over her belly and down her thighs. He started with her belly – licking every inch and teasing her belly button by tickling it with his tongue. He moved down one leg then the other being careful to avoid her sex. He massaged and kissed her thighs – all the while building up her anticipation – building up the fire burning between her legs. She was his and he was going to take his time possessing her.

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