My 19 Year-Old Girlfriend 4.6/5 (16)

My name is Jim and I live in Pleasant Hill, which is in the East Bay of beautiful Northern California. I’m currently 24 years old, 5′-9″ tall, 175 lbs., have blonde hair, blue eyes, and I work in a local bank as a teller.

Last Spring, I started dating an extremely attractive Asian girl named Nikki, who had worked at a competing lending institution. Last Spring, Nikki had just turned 19. She is 5′-6″ tall, 110 lbs., and she has an absolutely stunning figure. I’m particularly attracted to her relatively large breasts. She was the first Asian girl that I had ever dated.

It took me about a month of dating Nikki before I got her top off and got my first taste of her incredible tits. She has awesome dark nipples that instantly become hard and erect when sucked on.

After that first serious make out session, I distinctly remember Nikki asking me what I thought of her breasts. I told her that they were “awesome” (she knew that I was a breast guy). Nikki must have told me 5 times over the next couple of months that all of her friends (nearly all were Asians) were envious of her large breasts and she reminded frequently that it is very rare for thin Asian girls to have large breasts.

Nikki also told me that because her breasts developed when she was 13 years old, her mother was always making her wear clothes that hid her large breasts. Nevertheless, Nikki added that when she got into high school, she began to notice men looking at her chest. At first she said it made her feel uncomfortable, but after a couple of years of such attention, she said that she just learned to accept that most men found her body attractive.

She also said that she didn’t normally dress to show off her figure because it caused too much unwanted attention … from men and, surprisingly, women even. Women looked, she said, but men often starred. Nikki said that her nipples were very, very sensitive and would become erect at the slightest stimulation. As a result, Nikki said that her nipples were often noticeable. When that happened, Nikki said that she found that many, many men would stare at her breasts and nipples with dumb looks on their faces.

Nikki loved clothes and she enjoyed dressing fashionably. Instead of showing cleavage, she said that she preferred wearing tight, snug fitting tops when she wanted to get noticed by guys at school.

The extent of our sexual intimacy after 3 months of dating can be summarized as follows: no more than once a week, Nikki would allow me to fondle and suck her tits and she would masturbate me if I asked her nicely. She said her jerking me off was “my special treat.”

Nikki never let me have intercourse with her as she maintained that she was “saving herself for marriage.”

She eventually let me go down on her and she greatly enjoyed it when I licked her shaved pussy to orgasm. I often begged her to suck my cock, but she always refused saying that such intimacy must be reserved for marriage. Our sexual episodes were a welcome treat for me since she didn’t want to get intimate like that except maybe two to three times a month. Nikki believed that serious and frequent intimacy should be reserved for wedded couples and she was afraid that more frequent intimate encounters would lead to premarital sexual intercourse.

About 3 months after I started dating Nikki, we were invited by my boss to use his townhouse in Donner Lake, California (near Lake Tahoe) for 5 days. His luxury townhouse was one of 4 townhouses in a quiet, fairly secluded part of Donner Lake. It was the middle of summer, and since it was in the mountains, my boss said that nobody would likely be in the other 3 townhouses. Thus, my boss said that we’d probably not see any of the other 3 neighbors.

I took my Honda CRF450 dirt bike and I planned to head down into Nevada to do some dirt bike riding a couple of the days. Nikki enjoys reading, blogging, cooking, and working out. Accordingly, we were both excited to be going to the mountains and chilling for 5 days.

Nikki had been a pretty good gymnast in high school, but she said that she grew too much to be really good. Six months before I met her, a girlfriend had convinced Nikki to enter a female fitness competition. Apparently, the proceeds from the competition went to a children’s charity, so Nikki relented and entered just to participate and have fun. She was surprised that after working out for a couple of months with her friend to prepare for the competition, she took 3rd place out of 25 contestants. She learned from the experience that she enjoyed “body sculpting” (that’s what she called it). So Nikki hoped to find a gym in Lake Tahoe during the days that took off to Nevada to ride my dirt bike.

Nikki and I drove up to the mountain townhouse on a Wednesday and we were happy to find that we were indeed alone. My boss’ townhouse was beautiful and the setting was incredibly picturesque with views of Donner Lake and the mountains below. There were huge pine trees everywhere and the mountain air was crisp and clean. We were going to have a great 5 day vacation.

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