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In the very beginning, i didnt tell traci about my mfm fetish. i started getting her to watch mfm porn with me. she would get turned on, but would also make comments about how much she didnt like that kind of porn. she asked me to just get regular m/f porn. I would mix itup and get some m/f & some mfm. I also started reading erotic stories in magazines and books. this was before the internet so i had to buy porn mags and keep them in the nightstandnext to the bed. she knew they were there. sometimes i would ask her to read a story that i thought was hot. they were always mfm stories. then i started highlighting several storiesand asking her to read them with me and when i was not home, i worked nights.

finally, i started openly talking about “the other guy” while we had sex. i would create a scene while we kissed and fondled. “you’re out with angie at the country bar. you dance with this guy. what does he look like”? then she would say something general like “he is a cowboy”. then i would ask specific questions “is he tall, big guy, hair color, white hat or felt hat, boots” stuff like that. i was trying to get her to draw a mental picture.

then when we started having sex or getting close to it, i would ask her where he would be? she would reply something like “behind me” or “he would be playing with my titties”. i also used toys at this time. i would touch her in odd places with the dildo while we kissed. her back, hip, shoulder mostly non sexual places. i would run it back and forth. i was trying to help her imagine that another guy was actually there. then while kissing her i would run the head of the dildo up and down her slit. I would whisper, “he close to being in you, can you feel him? are you ready for him”? she would whisper or moan yes and I would slowly put the dildo inside her, pumping it in and out to get it all the way in. traci would moan loud. then i would tell her to suck me while he “isnside”. she didnt like dirty or crude language, although there were times i would tell her to suck me while he does you.

i made a point not to fuck her mouth but to let her bob her head. i didnt say anything about it. i concentrated on moving the dildo in and out of her. I would also try and say things or moan the way someone else might. she liked hearing “him” being loud or grunting in her ear. I would move the dildo at the same pace as the fantasy. if we were moving slow and romantic i slide it in and out slow. if we were more passionate then i would move it in and out faster or harder sometimes actually ramming it in hard. I could tell if she liked it cause her head would move faster or her mouth would get tigher on my cock.

At this point, I decided to start planning to seriously do it. I wrote down my thoughts and plans for this to happen. I wrote and placed an ad in a swinger’s mag with no pictures. I got a P.O. Box for the replies. I didn’t tell Traci about the ad because with no photos in the ad there was a good possiblility we might not get many or any replies and i didn’t want her to be able to say, “see we shouldn’t do it”. I checked on hotels near country bars in Fort Worth. As well as restaurants that wear in the same area. We lived in Arlington and there are country bars there, but I didn’t want to do anything near our area.

The mags printed once a month i got lucky and placed the ad right before they went to print that month. As I recall, the replies were expected to take about 5 business days from the time someone replied. The challenge was that i would have no way of knowing when someone replied to the ad until i got it in the mail. I checked the P.O. box everyday either on my way to work or coming home from work. The days went slowly by, day 5 no reply, day 7, day 8, then on day 9 i recieved an envelope with one reply inside. At the time I thought that was it for the month. I thought they sent all replies in the one and only envelope.

I opened and reviewed the reply. His name was Mark. He sent a nice long letter introducing himself. He was new to the lifestyle, but had one experience with a friend of his and the friends girlfriend one night after a night of drinking. He mentioned that discretion was important because he had a 7 year old son and he didnt want to jeopardize his visitation rights with him. He spoke politely about his sexual likes and dislikes. The important part was about his son and the section about his hobbies. He liked to hunt, fish, and generally be outdoors. He also liked to country dance and spend time with his group of friends. He included three pictures with his reply. With Mark’s reply in hand, I decided to
talk seriously with Traci about moving forward with a mfm 3sum.

As I mentioned before, we had roleplayed this fantasy many times. For this conversation, I decided it would be wise to approach it in a serious or real conversation. I took Traci to The Iron Skillet restaurant near our house to talk about it. I picked this place because it was close, didn’t serve alcohol and was a family restaurant. When she and I talked about a 3sum when we were at home the conversation became verbal foreplay and we would have sex. Later, it would be tossed aside as “pillow talk” not something we would ever really do.

Oddly, I remember that we only had coffee at the restaurant. I don’t remember how I started the conversation. Traci was cautiously open minded. She was embarrassed to be discussing this in a public place. At one point, she thought the waitress had picked up on what we were talking about.

We talked openly but quietly about the risks and how to manage them. we talked about different ways to find a guy. Traci felt we could just go to the bar and a guy would find us. Although we did do that in the future at that time I thought that was risky because we would not know him well. I explained the swinger ad method and how it worked. Traci explained that she felt strongly that a cowboy type would be best. If we did in fact actually do this it would have to revolve around a night of country dancing. She loves to dance. We discussed what type of sex we could have with a second penis. This was a way of getting her to think or fantisize about it and at the same time testing and setting boundries.


We made a list of guidelines. I would gather information on guys using the swinger mag. ad. Once we had a reply or four, she and I would review the information and she would pick the lucky winner. I would then call him from a pay phone. (no cell phones then and I didnt want our home number on his caller I.D.) I would arrange a time and place to meet with him face to face so I could check him out. I would share the conversation and my impressions of him with Traci. After “we both” were o.k. with the guy, I would call him again and set up a night for all of us to get together. We always went at least 30 minutes out of our area to meet them. This was to avoid the chance of running into a guy at a grocery store or gas station in our area that had fucked my wife. Awkward.

We never entertained at our house. I didn’t want them to know where we lived to prevent them from showing up when i was not there or showing up at 1:00 a.m. looking for a booty call. We never went to their place. It just seemed to dangereous. We always used hotels. The trick was to find a hotel, restaurant with a bar, and a country bar in the same area. The closer together the better.

We always used fake first names. We used our friends names, Kevin & Paula. We obviously never used last names. We only saw a guy one time. then we would move on to another guy, except for the first guy, Mark. We actually saw him several times. The snale mail response time caused us to call him for a second meet about one week after the first time. After that we still saw him occasionaly. Traci said he was respectful to us/me, nice, polite, funny, a good dancer, and we all got along well. Oh, and he had a big dick. I think that had sometime to do with it too.

Also, there were a couple of miscellaneous things to get past. One was for me to see the bad position had put Traci in. In recent years, I had talked with her about doing a 3sum more than i realized. She felt pressured. Traci is a good, kind, supportive, conservative, christian wife. At the time when I asked her about doing a 3sum she felt that if she said no she was not being a good supportive wife. If she said yes then she thought she was saying that “SHE” was the one that wanted to do it. She said when she thought about that she felt like a cheap slut. She felt damned if she did and damned if she didn’t do it. I explained to her that this was “MY” fetish and she was helping me only because I asked her to. This way she is not a slut for agreeing to it. I am a pervert for asking her to do it. This simple perception was a game changer.

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