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Looking for REAL cuckold stories and hotwife stories? Then you’re in the right place. Every month I’ll be running a cuckold and hotwife story contest. Below you’ll find current and previous story submissions from real cuckolds and hotwives about their sexual escapades.

First Cuckolding

Section 1 My first cuckolding that thankfully didn’t happen So tonight it was really going to happen.

The Turning Point

Section 1 My first wedding anniversary proved to be a major turning point in my life.

Take It Out - IR

Section 1 “Go ahead. Take it out,” Marcus said as he rolled the ice cubes around in his rocks glass, smiling and nodding toward the bedroom door, behind which my wife was waiting.

Changing My Views

Section 1 “Oh god,” I groaned deep and low as I knelt ass up with my face buried in the pillows at the head of his bed.

Jill And The Bad Boy

Section 1 Danny knew he’d made the right decision as soon as he laid eyes on Jill.