Verification Mini-Badges

In Cuckold Chat 3.0, we added a new feature called Verification Mini-Badges, or VMBs for short. VMBs will be used to indicate a user’s verification status in the following areas:

  1. Whether or not they are a Verified Pic Owner
  2. Whether or not they are a Verified Dick Poster
  3. Whether or not they are a Verified Reposter
  4. Whether or not they are a Verified Transgender Person

Here’s what these verifications mean and how you can earn them:

Verified Pic Owner VMB

The Verified Pic Owner VMB will be a proven indicator to everyone that you primarily show pics of your own woman and that you have proven yourself to be the true and verified owner of these pictures. We added this badge to help members know at a glance who they can trust to be real. The good news is that we’ve made the requirement to earn this badge really simple, yet still effective and trustworthy. All you need to do is submit the following two pictures via PM to any red staff member on the chat:

  1. A past or present picture of your woman posing nude or partially nude in any room in your house (spy/creep/candid pics will not count).
  2. A live/current picture of that same room without your woman in it. It’s a good idea to get your hand in the pic with a thumbs-up when you take it. We reserve the right to request another empty room pic with a hand gesture if we can’t be certain the pic is current/live.

Upon submission, staff will approve your pics (as long they pass) and you will be awarded the Verified Pic Owner VMB.


If you are a female, in order to get the Verified Pic-Owner VMB, all you need to do is submit ONE (not both, but one) of the following via PM to any staff member on the chat:

  1. A selfie taken with the Cuckold Chat logo (found by clicking here), which will actually promote you instantly to VIP, or
  2. A selfie taken with a piece of paper with your username and the words Cuckold Chat written on it.

Females: face need not be included, it doesn’t have to be nude, we just need to see enough of you to know you’re a female.

Verified Dick Poster VMB

The Verified Dick Poster VMB allows you to post solo male pics/solo dick pics/tribute pics/cocked pics in the chat so long as those pics are of you/your own dick and you don't overdo it. To become a Verified Dick Poster, you must submit the following to any red staff member:

  1. A nude full body picture (face need not be included) with the Cuckold Chat logo, AND
  2. Another picture of your hard dick and the Cuckold Chat logo.

The chat logo can be found here:

Verified Reposter VMB

If you've spent any time at all on Cuckold Chat, then you know how popular and exciting candaulism-by-proxy can be for many of our users. This is of course made possible by people who are willing to play the role of reposter/proxy in a candaulism-by-proxy arrangement. Indeed, some of these reposters/proxies dedicate themselves entirely to this role for one reason or another. We therefore wanted to create a VMB to recognize and honor these very people.

For clarification purposes, I want to make the following clear:

  • You do NOT need the Verified Reposter VMB to be able to repost someone else's pics. The Verified Reposter VMB is rather an indicator to other users that you are someone who does not ever post his own photos and that you instead prefer/enjoy to repost photos of others. It is a symbol of status/recognition/honor that you are dedicated to doing the lord's work, so to speak.
  • As a corollary of the above, it therefore follows that you cannot have both the Verified Reposter VMB and the Verified Pic Owner VMB. These two VMBs will be mutually exclusive. The Verified Reposter VMB will be reserved for those who have chosen the path of reposter/proxy.
  • People who have the Verified Pic Owner badge are still allowed to repost, as are others who don't have it. Again, the Verified Reposter VMB is a status/honor symbol only reserved for certain people.

To earn the Verified Reposter VMB, you have to meet the following requirements:

  1. Have 500 or more kudos.
  2. Be a member for at least 1 month.
  3. Be willing to never post your own wife/gf/woman.

If you meet those requirements, please send a PM to any staff member and you will be awarded the Verified Reposter VMB.

Verified Transgender VMB

Cuckold Chat is proud to be a very diverse community. This includes our community having members who identify as Transgender. To be clear, just because someone is Transgender doesn't mean they're gay, nor does it mean they can't or don't have an affinity for wifesharing. Being Transgender and having wifesharing desires are completely unrelated to each other, but this doesn't mean they can't coexist together.

Thus, in an attempt to be as inclusive as we can to our Transgender members, we've introduced a fourth Verification Mini-Badge: the Transgender VMB. I want to make it clear that Cuckold Chat will not be adopting the umbrella-like meaning/connotation of the label/term Transgender as it applies in the LGTQ community. This is not because we disagree with that meaning/connotation but rather we feel as though we need to be a bit more on the restrictive side for what this badge will signify in our community.

Therefore, in the confines our our community, we will consider someone to be a candidate for the Transgender VMB if they have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from their sex assigned at birth, and if they express/live-out that gender identity either online and/or in real life.

Thus, to be considered for the Transgender VMB, you must submit the following to any red staff member:

  1. A fully clothed full body picture of yourself in full Transgender attire (female clothes, makeup, wig) with face holding the Cuckold Chat Logo (found by clicking here).

If you have any questions about this requirement, please feel free to let us know. A great deal went into us landing on this as our official requirement, and we'd be happy to share more of the rational behind it.

Last but not least, this VMB will be mutually exclusive to the Verified Dick Poster VMB. In other words, you cannot have both the Verified Dick Poster VMB and the Verified Transgender VMB. Why? Because if you're male to female transgender, you shouldn't really be wanting to show off photos of your dick don't think you should have one in the first place.


Conditions Under Which You May Be REQUIRED To Get A VMB

Pursuant to our rules, staff must be able to differentiate who among our posters are genuine, and who are lying degenerates. This becomes especially difficult in certain situations and you may thus be required to get a particular VMB when certain conditions arise/have not been met. For an elaboration on what situations these are, please click here.


Q: Can I have more than one VMB?
Yes. You can have up to two VMBs and they will be displayed on both sides of your avatar. Here is an example: 

As discussed above though, the Verified Pic Owner VMB is mutually exclusive to the Verified Reposter VMB, and the Verified Dick Poster VMB is mutually exclusive to the Verified Transgender VMB.


Q: Will VIPs automatically be awarded the Verified Pic Owner VMB?
Yes, all VIPs will get the Verified Pic Owner VMB along with VIP status.

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