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Ever hear of the term sissy cuckolding? It’s a bit more “extreme” than traditional cuckolding. One of the primary elements differentiating sissy cuckolds from more traditional cuckolds is the inclusion of feminization which sissy cuckolds partake in either willingly by “coersion” (coersion sometimes referred to as nonconsensual consent) or by seduction from their partners. This process of feminization is also referred to as sissification or being sissified.

Feminization or sissification if you will refers to the practice of dressing a man in female attire, ranging from just wearing panties to being fully dressed as a woman (wearing make-up, a wig, nail polish, etc.).This emasculation may be coupled with punishments such as spanking or caning to gain cooperation and heighten submission of the sissy cuckold.

Feminization may also include the male receiving anal sex from a female using a strap-on dildo (sometimes called pegging), or penetration from his female partner’s bull/lover. Butt plugs and other anal-penetrative toys may also be used.

Last but not least, it’s not uncommon for many sissy cuckolds to engage in some form of male chastity, be it with or without a chastity cage.

To be clear, engaging in feminization doesn’t make one a sissy cuckold, but being a sissy cuckold requires one to engage in some form of feminization. The above description of feminization is not meant to be all inclusive by any means, but rather to give you a brief introduction to what being a sissy cuckold entails.

To learn more about sissy cuckolds (or to learn more about your own inner journey as a sissy cuckold), I encourage you to check out Cuckold Chat’s newly launched “Sissy Cuckold” room which you can access through the main Cuckold Chat entrance found here:

**Please note: the Sissy Cuckold room rules will be a bit different than the main rules on that page, so be sure to read the room specific rules when you get into the Sissy Cuckold room itself. Enjoy!**

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  • Sissybull4cpls

    Reply Reply January 19, 2019

    Thanks for creating this room. I believe many cucks have a certain level of bisexual interest in the Kinsey scale and thus could be interested in their less manly side. Hope to explore this with fellow sissies and admirers

  • Sissimons

    Reply Reply January 20, 2019

    Yes, that is me. A ‘wannabe’ sissy cuckold. I crossdress and my wife knows and sometimes encourages it.
    I sometimes wear a chastity cage. My wife knows but is not too keen on it.
    I have gay relationships. My wife knows I had a gay relationship but thinks it is in the past.
    I love sucking cock and being fucked.
    I once encouraged a friend and my wife to fuck I. Front of me. it was shortly after we were first married. I loved it and want to do it again. My wife says she does not want to…….we will see what happens

    • subBill

      Reply Reply May 13, 2019

      it too loves to suck cock, especially beautiful Black Cock. its’ ultimate fantasy is to be Owned by BBC!!!

      • mark a la monte

        Reply Reply May 23, 2019

        great stuff
        a black bull here

        • Cuck

          Reply Reply July 14, 2019

          I need it

  • dtjb

    Reply Reply October 30, 2019

    Ummm, hard to admit, but this excites the hell outta me.

  • Sandy (Herbert LOL)

    Reply Reply January 19, 2020

    Thanks for having a chat room for sissy cuckolds! We are sometimes overlooked in these forums and it is wonderful to be recognized as another variety of cuckold. Long may we dress up and thanks again.

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