Rule Rationale

We get that not everyone will be fans of the rules we have here, and not everyone will understand why we have the rules we do. Therefore, in an attempt to be as upfront and transparent with you as possible, I’ve written the following article to help clarify the rationale behind why we run things as we do in an international chatroom which consistently has anywhere from 350 – 650 people in it depending on the time of day.


No Solo Dick/Solo Male Pics

Depending on the time of day, our chat operates with anywhere between 350 and 650 members online at the same time. So let’s conservatively (under)estimate that out of every 10 members who post, only one wants to post a picture of his dick or himself.

Well, with 350-650 members online, that means it’s safe to say 35-65 others would want to post their dick or their selves. (1 out of 10 is 10%, so 10% of 350-650 is between 35 and 65).

Let’s further assume that these members would only post their dick or their selves once every 10 minutes (another conservative underestimate). That means every 10 minutes on the chat you could expect to see 35-65 solo dicks/guys posted.

Ladies and Gentlemen, simply put, that’s too much dick/too many single male pics.

So, if you think we’re a bit too strict on disallowing dick pics, I can promise you that when we came up with the rules, we did so with the concept of scalability in mind. Allowing anyone to post dick pics in a chat this popular simply isn’t scalable. So for those who feel it necessary to show what you have, you can do so by becoming a Verified Dick Poster. Not only does this cut down on total dick pics, but you can rest assured that the dick pics you see are real.


No Outside Links/Mentioning Other Sites

This site gets *a lot* of traffic. Ipso facto, people start wanting to use it as a podium to explicitly (or covertly) promote other sites or their own personal links.

Now, before I go any further, I don’t have anything against promoting other like-minded sites (as I’m sure you can see from my interviews in the interview section). Someone using a chatroom though (one where people go to enjoy themselves and share and connect with others) to promote another site or their own personal link without any kind of permission is bad form, not to mention not in consonance with the spirit of the room’s purpose.

Furthermore, I refer you to the 10% rule we use when trying to take scalability into account when having created the rules. If we conservatively underestimated that just one out of every ten users (aka 10%) wanted to post a link in the chat once every ten minutes, we’d be looking at 35-65 links every ten minutes. If you’ve ever been to other sites, you know how bad/annoying the links can get.

But wait, why don’t I just allow some links and not others? Well….which links should I allow and why? How often should I allow them to be posted per user? What about the 10% rule? How do I know what content would be posted on the other end? What if someone used an approved link to show illegal content?

See how fast it gets complicated?

Based on that, yes it means you can’t even mention Google by name—no outsides links or mentioning other sites. And if you think that seems stupid or silly or harsh, I would kind of have to agree. But…unless/until you come up with a better idea to help me and my staff administer the rules in a manageable way when we have 600+ users in the chat (yes we have that many at certain times, some who are degenerates looking for any loophole they can find), the rules will stay as they are.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why we don’t allow links or any mention of any outside sites. Thankfully, this shouldn’t impact your chat experience in any kind of significant way. If it does, or if this explanation doesn’t quite get the message across, feel free to contact me and I’ll add a few more nails to that coffin.


No Soliciting For Skype/Whatsapp/Etc.

First off, we don’t allow the posting of personal contact information in the public chat. Second off, coming into a chatroom and asking if anyone wants to chat elsewhere (when you can already chat in the chatroom publicly or privately) is absurd, valueless, annoying, and a bit spammy. Don’t get me wrong, I understand skype and other apps have their purpose; it’s just that if you want to talk to others on a different messenger platform, we ask that you save that kind of invite for PM with someone you’re already talking with.

Last but not least, I refer you to the 10% rule. No one wants to see dozens of chat messages over and over again that do nothing but ask if someone else wants to talk elsewhere.


Copy/Paste Posting

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we ask people that we see making copy/paste posts too frequently to refrain from doing so more than once every 10-15 minutes. If this sounds too strict to you, then allow me to prompt you to imagine a chatroom where you see someone asking the same thing over and over and over literally once every few minutes, and then imagine just 10% of people in the room doing that. It’s absurd, right? It ruins the chatroom.

To be clear, all we’re trying to do is make sure everyone can have fun in a way that doesn’t ruin it for everyone else. That can’t happen if people spam the room by copy/pasting the same thing every few minutes. Any questions, just let us know.


English Only In The Public Chat

Although this site gets traffic from many different countries around the world, the large majority of the members of this site speak English. In order to avoid the main chatroom having conversations happening in many different languages, we kindly ask that you use English only. A chatroom that permits multiple languages wouldn’t function very well due to everyone wanting to speak different languages. If you would like to spead another language, please do it in PM. Thanks for understanding.


No Fake Photoshopped Pics

Photoshopped pictures are not permitted here at Cuckold Chat. A photoshopped picture is defined as:

a picture in which the person(s) in it is edited/altered to distort the reality of what said person(s) looks like, is doing, or is located; or where people originally not present in the photo are edited to be in said photo.

Exceptions to this rule are:

1) cropping/blurring/distorting/covering a part of a person or part of the background for obscurational purposes

2) Adding text to a photo or combining photos to make a collage.

3) Billboard-type pics, provided the original photo is untouched.

So although the Cuckold Chat Community allows collages and appreciates and supports those who have an artistic side and who like making collages and such, we don’t allow people to edit photos in a way which distorts the reality of who or what is actually in the original picture unless it is for obscurational (aka hiding one’s identity) purposes.


Public Sharing Of Personal Information

We limit the personal information you can publicly share about someone else or yourself to first name and City, State/Country only. To clarify, that means we do not allow first name and middle name; we do not allow first name and last initial. We allow first name only. We don’t allow townships or street names, GPS coordinates or photos of someone’s house. We allow City, State/Country only.

The reason for this rule is because we are not a place for people to engage in any kind of what’s commonly referred to as “full exposure” where a person shares pornographic pictures of his wife complete with information such as full name, date of birth, location, etc. This is also the reason why we won’t permit posting of IDs even if they’re blurred. We do not want to send the message in any way that this is a “full exposure” chat and we don’t want degenerates who are into doxxing and such frequenting our community.

Restricting the sharing of personal information to first name and general location (defined by City, State/Country) not only allows for the environment to remain safe and free of degenerates who want to doxx/fully expose with nefarious intentions, but it also makes for a very clear, enforceable line for the staff to make sure remains uncrossed.

For clarification’s sake, you can share whatever other information you want publicly so long as it doesn’t violate the above stipulation. Any grey areas (such as place of work) will be up to staff discretion regarding whether or not it’s allowed. Full disclosure: most public posts that disclose the name of the business where your wife works will most likely get deleted.

Lastly, if you desire to share more information than that in PM (private message), please understand that we do not monitor PMs and only take action on messages exchanged in PM only if you are reported by someone to be engaging in illegal behavior (which may or may not include the non-consensual sharing of someone else’s personal information with malintent to harm/endanger that person or their character). In other words, what you share in private you should only do with people you trust and even then you do so at your own risk, as per the Terms of Service of the site. Be smart and be safe—otherwise we don’t want you here.


Providing “VMB Proof” Of Picture Ownership

Since we are literally the world’s most popular wifesharing chat, everyone wants to come here to explore their desires and find people to connect with. As awesome as that is, the corollary is that we attract people of all kinds—including degenerates. Some of these degenerates are the type who like to pretend/lie about their current romantic partner situation, and they share pics of some random hot girl they found on their Instagram/Facebook feed or that they pilfered from a porn site. Others create fake female accounts trying to leech off the attention other unsuspecting/naive users tend to give female accounts. These practices are absolutely against the rules of Cuckold Chat.

Pursuant to these rules, staff must be able to differentiate who among our posters are genuine and real, and who are lying degenerates. This becomes especially difficult when someone is posting pics that have already been spread/posted on dozens of other sites on the net, or when a female’s account is linked to (an)other male account(s). In the interest of maintaining the integrity of the chat, staff must then investigate if the person is actually the true OP of said popular pics / said mutiple accounts.

The most efficient (and reliable) way to do this is for staff to ask the user for what has become known as “VMB Proof”. (VMB stands for verification mini-badge, and you can read more about what that means by clicking here. Don’t worry, it’s easy.)

What that means is this: if you are a user who does not yet have a Verified Pic-Owner VMB and you’re posting pics that can be found on other sites on the net already, or if you are a female user whose account is linked to other male accounts, staff may indeed require you to provide “VMB Proof” before they allow you to continue to post. Otherwise, we legitimately have no way to determine if the pics being posted are stolen/fake/webfinds, or if they’re legit, or if you’re sock-puppetting multiple accounts.

To be clear: we will only require VMB Proof in the following situations:

  1. When a user is posting pictures that can be already be found posted on several other internet sites
  2. When there is a dispute between two non-verified users about the true ownership of certain pics
  3. When a person has been found to have created dual accounts
  4. When a person has skipped out on delivering their fate in the dice game
  5. When a female account has been found to be linked to other accounts.

If you are someone who is currently being required to provide VMB proof and you do not feel it is fair because your situation doesn’t fall into one of the above categories, please feel free to bring your grievances to an Admin or to myself.

For further elaboration, please click here. +

I wanted to take just a minute to remind/refresh everyone on Cuckold Chat's goal of and efforts to keep this community as real as we possibly can. Why do I want to remind everyone of something that should by now be completely and utterly obvious?

Because there are some people who act horribly offended and get all kinds of beside themselves when they get requested to provide proof they are the real owners of the (internet) pics they're posting. To clarify, internet pics are pics which can be found on numerous other sites on the internet.

Anyway, these users think it absolutely preposterous that we question their authenticity when they've been posting their woman for weeks/months/years, as they say. Their indignant delcarations of authenticity should be enough, and god forbid they aren't, these users feel insulted, wronged, betrayed even!

How DARE we ask them for proof! (lolz)

Let me be explicit and clear at the same time: although I'm just as much a fan of Tony Montana as the next guy, having your balls and your word count for NOTHING on Cuckold Chat. You know what counts here? PROOF.

And the PROOF we require for when someone is posting internet pics is a very simple (yet very reliable) form of proof. (Read about it here).

In all fairness though, listen...we get it. We get that it's sometimes frustrating to have your authenticity questioned. I would just ask that you remove the tinfoil and check your conceit in the lobby because as much as your ego might try and whisper in your ear that a mod is singling you out or giving you a hard time on purpose, I can assure you they aren't. We don't have the manpower or the time to create more issues than we already have.

The simple fact of the matter is this: GOD himself could create an account here, and the MINUTE we catch him posting internet pics he'll be made to verify the same as everyone else AS PER THE RULES. (Don't forget, he made Joseph a cuckold, so the analogy isn't that far fetched, eh?)

Our rules are simple and straightforward, and they are consistently enforced. One of the hallmarks of Cuckold Chat is and, as long as we can help it, will always be user authenticity. There are many other places on the net where you can post your pics alongside fakers all and sundry. This is not one of them. We have standards that we will continue to uphold at the behest of the community we serve.

Last but least, if the tone of what you just read sounded a bit...smug, perhaps? It wasn't meant to be. What you're sensing is probably just a bit of annoyance I have at seeing my VOLUNTEER staff insulted and degraded because of merely enforcing simple rules that every user on here agrees to follow upon entry to the chat. We try our level best, truly, and I just wanted to try and make that clear while telling you I have no reservations about the rules which have helped shape this community to be what it is today. We (I) will not apologize or act meekly about rules which we do take pride in enforcing because we believe they are indeed necessary.

The support the large majority of you have shown us as we do our jobs as best we can means more to us than we can ever say, and we're glad to play the roles of guardians of what we've all come to know and love as Cuckold Chat.


Soliciting Money

Although we have no personal issue with those who look to make money via sex work or paid cam shows, the site’s Terms of Service (ToS) strictly prohibit “[using] the platform to distribute, promote or otherwise publish any material that constitutes or contains solicitation of funds, advertising, or solicitation for goods or services.”

Promoting paid cam shows would fall under using the site for solicitation of funds/a paid service, the service being that of the paid cam show.

Notwithstanding the simple fact that using the site as a way to find viewers for paid cam shows being a violation of the ToS, we as staff also believe it’s not in the best interest of the community to allow paid cammers and amateur content sellers to use the community for these types of purposes. We believe most members who are approached by those soliciting paid services and goods feel any such approaches to not only be presumptuous and intrusive but also contrary to the spirit of the chat itself (you’ll notice you never seeing me plugging my own content in chat, and there are many on here who can vouch that I refuse to talk about my paid services even on the chat in PM). Cuckold Chat has never been about being a middle man to connect paid content sellers with paid content consumers.

To be clear, there are many other platforms which exist whose sole purpose is to connect people who wish to sell their content with those who wish to buy it. These types of platforms attract different audiences than the audience we have here. We do not feel as though it would benefit our community to mix those types of audiences since usually the inevitable outcome is more often than not characterized by regular community members expatriating due to feeling their community lost its way and the spirit behind it.

And indeed, we have in no way lost our way or our spirit. We know exactly who we are and what our community stands for, what it allows and disallows, and where its going.

Apropos of all this, we figured it would help to be very specific regarding what you cannot do regarding this area:

  • You cannot initiate a conversation with another user with the goal/one of the goals being getting that user to pay you for any kind of arrangement or sale of goods or services. In other words, if you reach out to a user and tell them you’re offering paid services or content, you are in breach of our rules. (Example: you initiate a PM with a user telling them you offer paid _____.)
  • You cannot perform a bait and switch on people by telling them in public chat that you do X (i.e. cam) only to tell them when they interestedly message you that you only do it if they are willing to pay you. (Example: you tell people in public chat you’re doing a cam show soon, and when someone messages you your response is to tell them it’s only for paying customers.)
  • You cannot talk about financial transactions/arrangements on site. (Example: You cannot in PM or in public discuss rates and terms of any type of financial transaction, hypothetical or otherwise, between you the person you’re talking with).

If you are someone who happens to sell amateur content or do paid cam shows and you’d like more clarification on what you can and cannot do, please don’t hesitate to ask. Although we realize we’ll be stepping on some toes here, we hope you understand that’s not our goal. Our concerns are limited to community disruption and legal issues.

If you’re bummed out about this because you feel like we’re being unfair, please don’t hesitate to message us; we simply ask that you have your ducks in a row to talk not only about its potential impact on the community members but also about the legal issues and red tape requirements that sites need to explicitly allow (or not forbid) the sale of sexual good or services such as your own amateur/pro content and/or camshows.

Last but not least, we’ll be updating this section with any relevant edits/amendments as we see fit. So if anything changes regarding any of this, those edits will be here.


Last But Not Least

The moderators are all volunteers here. Please don’t give them a hard time. I can vouch for all of them; they’re truly good guys. Does that mean they never make mistakes? Of course not, we all make mistakes!

If you get frustrated with any of us, please just take a deep breath and try to remember that we’re all looking to do the same thing—we want to enjoy the chat. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to let me know!


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    Thank you for explaining the rules We appreciate that you have these rules. Too many people just think because of the type of chatroom this is they think they can just chat about anything. Keep up the good work.

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    Yes this is good direction.

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    Well Said !

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