Meet The Cuckold Chat Staff

We decided to create this post to help you get to know a little more about the mods who work tirelessly behind the scenes to help the chat keep a good balance between safety and enjoyability. Many of them have real full-time jobs and/or families and/or other responsibilities, yet they still make time to come here and keep their watch to help guard the integrity of the community we’ve all come to know as Cuckold Chat.

They are by far the most dedicated group of individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing. Whether they’re in an airplane terminal, or inside their house without power in a winter storm, or in a hospital bed, or drinking their AM coffee before work, or watching a ballgame at night (all true scenarios)…they make time to stop in, for 10 minutes, 60 minutes, 6 hours…

They do it to make sure we’re covered and so the site can stay protected and watched over. Without them, this site wouldn’t be what it is. They give freely, tirelessly, without complaint, with dedication and loyalty…and for that, they have my sincerest appreciation.

Not all the staff are on here yet, so stay tuned as we’ll be adding their short bios as they submit them.




When Dr36 and I discussed me becoming a mod I was hesitant. Once I made the move Dr36 called me his consigliere. I’m good with rules, I’ve spent most of my life figuring out how to break them.

Early on we discussed one, maybe two, of the rules that are now in place, I kept my nose clean and became everyone’s worst nightmare.

I’m 67 years old, born and raised in Texas, divorced more than once and an endless stream of women that were here one day and gone the next. I retired at 55 and adopted three favorite sayings. 1) sometimes ya just gotta say “fuck it” 2) Life Is Good 3) This too shall pass.



So I am one of the original moderators that started here on day one. I had no experience in moderating a public chat but I wanted to support Dr.36 and the Site any way I could. I have followed Dr.36 for a few years and am very interested in the subject matter as all of you are. I received the email announcing that Dr.36 was starting up a chat and was looking for a few Moderators and I sent him an email outlining my interest in helping out and almost immediately received a warm welcome to the team invitation. It has been an interesting journey so far and I have to say the past year has been an interesting ride—one I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I have always thought of myself as not an enforcer, but a guide to help everyone along the correct path. I value the friendships and bonds that I have made on here and appreciate all of the other Moderators that I have the privilege to work with. You will never meet a more dedicated group of individuals that make this Chat the best it can be. So when you all don’t receive an immediate response from one of us rest assured it’s not because we are ignoring you but are dealing with a pressing matter… be assured we will answer you.

I also wanted you all to know that when things happen on here and you are quick to criticize or complain, remember that there are a lot of people behind the scenes that are volunteering their time to make this an awesome place for all of us to enjoy.

I am not sure how Dr’36 has done it but he has made this chat an incredible place for everyone to explore similar interests in their own way. He also tries to be innovative and to keep the chat fresh and provide variety. He has done this by adding new rooms, new things to participate in, and new ways to learn and have fun. I know that there is no place like this anywhere out there.

This is only the beginning my Friends and when we look back here in another year or two we will be surprised at how far this all has come. As always I am here to help you in any way I can.. Just ask.


I’m 42 from the upper Midwest. I’m a firefighter & plumbing/electrical tech. Hobbies include diving & studying history. Not currently in the lifestyle, just like to watch & repost occasionally.




My original username is incognito. I am 51, a widower with kids and grand-kids and used to be a troubleshooter, problem-solver and mechanic for a big agricultural firm; graphic designs were also one of my things to do.

I am a Dom and got here a few months after the chat opened its doors and I've been here ever since. The people behind the chat asked me if I wanted to help out here and I never went to another chat or site again.

My hobbies are graphics, deep sea fishing, f1 racing, and of women!



So I’m 63, live in Michigan, retired in fall of 2017 from a national health care non profit corporation as a Sr. VP in operations. Currently own a consulting firm that supports [redacted] accrediting. Married 39 years. Wife isn’t in the lifestyle but we have a don’t ask, don’t tell arrangement. 3 adult children.



Hi everyone, from the Chicagoland area here. Work in the helping profession, really gratifying to be able to make a difference in people’s lives. I enjoy what I do immensely, I oversee others in my profession to make sure all are playing by the rules, “quality control” if you will. I enjoy and focus on family, deeply in love with my one of a kind sexy Latina wife. We like to enjoy all that our great area has to offer, host small gatherings, and especially in the summertime enjoy the Lakeview while grilling and sipping coffee in our yard. I immensely also enjoy being part of this community and the platform we have, Kudos to Dr36. Our community isn’t part of the mainstream, so I enjoy helping in supporting it in any way I can. Feel free to reach out. 🙂



Hey everybody! I'm 28, married for 7 years (wifey is also 28), from NJ. I work as an aircraft mechanic for a major US airline. We love traveling to unexpected places by hopping on whatever flight we can, but we also love staying home and enjoying a breather. Besides that, you can catch me on the site helping moderate the chat.

Wifey isn't into the lifestyle, but she does let me take pics and vids and have my fun sharing them, so that's a plus!

I enjoy the diverse community we have here, and getting the know the regulars is awesome. Also enjoy football (soccer), trying different cuisines from around the world, and meeting new people, so feel free to say hi once you register!



The Uncle Phil of the Chat, no matter what my avatar might say. Follow the rules, don't be an asshole, and you won't get any trouble from me. No one I post is my wife or gf, I just repost for others. Don't do the cuck/bull thing, but i don't mind chatting on occasion. DO NOT send dick pics, or message me talking about your cock; I hate that shit, and I'll immediately add you to my ignore list.

I reiterate: DO NOT SEND DICK PICS; because I'm a mod, I can't click the Ignore button on you, but I will ignore any other message you send me, and I'll never speak to you again.



Hey guys Ringspun here! Well let me tell you a bit about me. I’m a single guy (from uk) who has just turned 38. I have been a member of the various variants of the cuckolding chats including the best one which is where we find ourselves now!

I enjoy being moderator in the room and especially enjoy seeing all of the sexy women that get posted there. I have been a bull to three older couples in UK and have had relationships with single females. I do enjoy watching married women masturbating and my favourite is to see them with the neck of a wine bottle buried deeply into their pussy!

I am a keen football (soccer) fan in UK and I also enjoy deep sea fishing.

On reading this I hope it gives you guys a little appreciation of me and hope you stop by to say hi in future.

Peace & love,



I’m 48 and from Southeastern Pennsylvania in the U.S. I’m married but I do not show my wife’s pics. She’s a dom and we have had some very exciting adventures together. If I have time I’d be happy to tell you about them.

I’m very happy to be a supermod of the site. I enjoy meeting all you fine perverts each day :). I enjoy reposting hot wives and Gfs. I also enjoy sports and working out.

Just a little bit of a tip. If your going to PM someone, start by saying hi or hello. Not great tits or want to see my cock.

I hope you all enjoy the site as much as I do. Let’s keep it clean and have some fun.



Hey there guys, I'm an Engineer and I've studied applied cryptography, which is the stuff you mostly watch in movies. It's fun and works up my head at times, but it's cool. I love to play video games on my PC and love the ladies you post. Come by and say hi if you find me!



The Liaison

Easygoing guy from New Jersey. Married 14 years to my wonderful wife who has been cool enough to at least listen, consider and entertain this. We’ve been talking about it for about a year and a half to two years and it has been awesome seeing how she has gone from thinking the idea of this is kind of weird to getting really excited about it and taking some chances.

I’m a big sports fan, we like to travel, and are basically just regular people. Ok maybe I’m just a regular person; my wife is really smart and buries herself in work, but we’re mostly regular (whatever that may be).

I spend time on the site when I can and would be glad to chat with you.



I’m Cman from Alberta Canada. I’m 58, wife is 52 we have been in the lifestyle one way or another for 35 yrs and married for 33. We got into this because it was my suggestion and stayed in it, happily, because she liked it so much. We aren’t as active as we once were but wife still plays as often as is convenient and I of course watch most of the time. We started young and have tried most aspects of this from mfm to her dating alone to swinging and now we are in a mostly cuckold relationship. In our other life we are both interested in the outdoors, gardening, camping, and fishing. We are both avid readers and enjoy socializing with friends both those in the life and those who aren’t.



Hey, i'm a 34 year old straight male. I work in the media and have been with Mrs. Nicky for 8 years now. Even though I don't look it, i'm a stag and love seeing my hot wife mounted on other poles.

Other than that i like big tits, blowjobs, beer and rock and roll 😀 And I'm from South Europe.



Okay so I’m 30, assistant store manager for a very well known grocery chain on the north east coast. Enjoy the outdoors, cooking, movies, music, museums, and art. Wife if very aware of current situation. Both of us are very switch and open to all situations, looking for bulls, cucks, sissies, women, and couples. Very into BDSM. Willing to share face photos with those we connect with on a deep level.



31 from UK. Former IT guy/code monkey. Been aware of this lifestyle for about a year or so. Wife isn't into it at all sadly. Mainly a collector/reposter but prefer to get to know who I collect instead of just wildly collecting everything. Rugby, Sci fi/fantasy books and films, playing football (proper football, not that silly American game 😉)



Hello from the UK! 40something man of numbers and lover of the female form. Happily married and, although we're not into swinging, swapping or sleeping around, we enjoy being naked whenever possible, on nude beaches or with like minded friends.

In here I enjoy viewing and collecting pics and chatting to those posting them about the ladies in the pics, reposting occasionally on here only when requested. Outside of here I like movies and music, and good food and drink (possibly a bit too much).

So do come and say hello! 😀



Married 11 years now, and a husband in hotwifery for over 5, I’m a straight, 6’2 / 192 pound, 60 year old professional. Despite the years, I don’t need a walker yet, and run, kayak, golf and play racquetball regularly.

Wife Lis, is a selectively bi, 42 year old blonde bombshell with an insatiable libido, and a taste for confident bad boys of any size, color, or stripe. She has a number of repeat victims, but there are no bulls, boyfriends, or anything remotely polyamorous in our lives. Lis meets her playmates organically, and does not do online hookups anymore – ever.

I play with other women only occasionally, while Lis is a very frequent flyer that plays both solo, and when we’re together. If I’m in the room when she plays, I’m dominant and hitting it too! That said, I love watching Lis get overwhelmed physically by other men and women.

Other than the odd gang bang, trains, orgies and public sex, Lis and are actually pretty vanilla. Outside of a little light bondage, we’re not into BDSM, water sports candaulism (although I have been known to share a picture from time to time), shaming, etc; and except for a handful of guys, Lis always plays safe.

We are respectful (please do not call my wife a slut), thoughtful people but we make a real effort not to over-intellectualize this lifestyle; for us, it just ‘is’. Sex is nothing more than a gratifying activity for us, like golf, a deep tissue massage, or enjoying a good meal. We have dozens of friends in the lifestyle, most (but not all) are swingers, and we spend most of our social time with them as they are simply more interesting and fun than our vanilla friends.

Always happy to discuss the lifestyle with like-minded folks. I understand that not everyone shares the same ignition buttons, but other perspectives are always fun and fascinating, so don’t hesitate to reach out!



Kitten is a young hot girlfriend. Polyamorous by nature with a boyfriend who loves showing her off. She was introduced to cuckhold chat early this year and has taken it by storm! Now she’s here to help keep everyone safe and the chat up to standards. Please come to her with any concerns you have she loves to help. Just call her a good girl after ;). Xoxo



Born in 1981 in sunny Greece. Been with wife since 2002 so I have been experimenting with different types of sex and ways to have mutual satisfaction with her. We had a failed MFM a long long time ago and found that didn't match to her but I never got out of the cuckold space.

I'm a skilled graphic designer and videographer and have been in optical communication and promotion for many years. I've worked for porn production companies as a graphic designer and watched every legal type of porn (some of the movies are still illegal in many countries). I've been porn addicted and took a big walk over the different types of pornography on the internet since the stone age 1998.

Infected with the cuckold virus and possessing deep knowledge of how cuckolds think and what they want to see, I landed at this site to make great friends and make cuckolds happy by editing their wives and girlfriends. Don't think you can fool me. I have seen everything you can possibly think of doing and even those you can't imagine. I'm polite and deeply patient but I don't suffer fools gladly.



42 here from Alberta, Canada. Lucky enough to have a gf who loves her pictures posted here. She definitely loves the attention. Also into golf, hockey, and having a beer at the pub 😊. We do like to travel when we get the chance and try to go to different places each time. Lover of good pizza, Thai and great barbecue! Feel free to say hi if you see me online.



49 male living in South Carolina. Screen name is a play on words Bat2ri (like battery..lots of energy here). I travel extensively for work so always looking to make friends and hopefully some benefit comes from that.

I enjoy sports,bars and dancing. Big nerd but fun guy. I enjoy soccer,football and hockey. Not into posting, reposting, or tributes at all. I never save pics unless we talk about it and we all agree that I can save them. I am into real time meets with cpls, wives or gfs. Let’s keep it real, life happens, this is an outlet for my sexual exploration.



Hey there, wife and I are both 47, easing our way around the edges of the lifestyle to see where we fit in. I’m an engineer in the northeast USA. Like the outdoors, sports and a good time. Happy to chat with others especially in similar circumstances. You will be treated with the same respect that you show. Last but not least, I’ve found this site to be thoroughly enjoyable, help keep it that way. Thanks!



gkiddo here! 24 and wife also 24 from orlando, FL. Happy to be a part of this community! There's no other like it!

I really enjoy this site and am happy to become a mod to keep our chat nice and chill!

I'm happily married to a beautiful wife that loves taking naughty pics. We've been married for 6 years now . I was so pleased when i finally found a site like this, full of people who are into the same thing! I love sharing pics and chatting with our members. See you guys around!



I’m a 54 yr old English man, electrical engineer, kids are all but grown up, happily married to a knockout.

Nuts about rugby, MotoGP, and holidays.

Kinda late I guess starting down this path with the wife, stepping into the unknown.

I enjoy chat rooms enormously. If you're passing by, say hello. I do like the diversity of everything and I'm not easily shocked.

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