March Wife Madness

What’s March Wife Madness?

Ever hear of March Madness? It’s a single-elimination college basketball tournament played each spring in the United States, currently featuring 68 teams to determine the national champion.

Here at Cuckold Chat, we decided we’re going to run March Wife Madness, a live single elimination tournament on the chat where you as users will cast real-time votes to determine which wife is hotter and should advance to the next round, resulting in an eventual winner for the whole tournament.

The process of how this works will be simple.


How Will It Work?

First, 64 usernames will be selected to enter the tournament. 56 out of these 64 spots will be given to the usernames who accumulated the most kudos between 2/1/19 and 3/1/19. The remaining 8 spots will be given to usernames who accumulate the most kudos between 3/8/19 and 3/14/19 by posting their own wife.

So just to be clear: if you want to see your wife in the tournament, the surest way to make that happen is to post her and earn as many kudos as you can between today and 3/14/19.

Note 1: in order for a username to have been given a spot, they have to have earned the majority of their kudos in that time period by posting their own wife/gf/ex. In other words, posters who earned the majority of their kudos by reposting others’ wives were not given a spot. No shade to reposters—you’re all truly awesome and you no doubt help make the chat experience amazing, but this tournament is for the actual husbands/bfs of the women to show them we appreciate the fact that they share these women to begin with.

Note 2: in the event that a user does NOT want his wife in the tournament, he will be able to withdraw his wife at any time. Should he withdraw his wife before the tournament starts, the next user on the waiting list will take that spot. Should he withdraw his wife after the tournament has begun, his opponent will automatically win and advance to the next round.


How Will Wives Be Divided?

32 out of those 64 spots will be given to wives from the United States and Canada; 16 of the 64 spots will be given to wives from Europe and the United Kingdom (Brexit is supposedly going to pass on 3/29/19 hence the separation of the UK and EU); and the last 16 spots will be given to wives from Australia and the rest of the world’s countries.

These ratios were determined based on a number of factors, including but not limited to site audience, top kudos-earning poster geography, country population, etc.

Once the selections have been finalized, they will be pitted against each other on the following bracket (there’s two styles we came up with thanks to the awesome skills of Inco246 and pic_maker):

Style #2 (SFW) +

Style #2 by Inco246


Why Are The Brackets Empty?

Note that the brackets above are completely empty. This is because we don’t yet have all 64 names (as stated above). When we do, we will release the official full-size downloadable versions of the brackets which will have the first round of face-offs (in the outermost bracket branches) filled in.

You will then fill out the rest of the bracket according to who you think will win each round. If you’re confused, don’t worry—we’ll have more detailed instructions on how to fill out your bracket before the start of the tournament.

The person who fills out their bracket the closest to how things actually play out wins!

Prizes TBA.


When Will All This Start?

The first round of face-offs will begin on Tuesday, March 19th, time and details TBA. The subsequent rounds will take place during the two weeks after that, culminating in the championship round which is scheduled for Sunday, April 8th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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