March Wife Madness Brackets


The first round of face-offs will happen on March 19th, 2018. Times of face-offs: TBA.


Prizes (For The People Who Fill Out The Bracket)

Yes you read that right. That is after all the entire point of March Wife Madness—to fill out a bracket and pick who you think will win it all! Here are the prizes:

1st place – $25 Amazon Gift Card + 1 Month VIP Status + Candaulism-By-Staff-Proxy Reward + 1 Month Username Color Your Choice (after VIP expires)

2nd Place – 2 Weeks VIP Status + 2 Weeks Nightmode (after VIP expires) OR 2 Weeks Username Color (after VIP expires)


How The Face-Offs Will Happen

All face-offs will be in the main chatroom of Cuckold Chat. The face-off times will be announced 24 hours or so before they happen. At the time of the face-off, staff will post one picture of each contestant, and those in the room will cast their vote for who they think should win the face-off. The first contestant to receive 10 votes wins (# of votes needed to win subject to change depending on which round of the tournament we’re on).


If Your Username Is On The Bracket – Please Read!!

If you’re someone whose username is on the bracket, congrats! All we need from you is the picture you’d like us to use for the first round of face-offs. This picture can be one single picture, or it can be a collage of multiple pictures are combined into one, but it must be one file. Whichever picture you would like us to use for your faceoff is up to you.

If you don’t provide us with a picture, we will come up with one for you. To submit the picture you’d like us to use, please click here.



  • Wifeneedsvitamind

    Reply Reply March 17, 2019

    Did that sfw division not end up happening?

    • Dr. 36

      Reply Reply March 18, 2019

      There was never a SFW division, only a SFW bracket template people could fill out in case they didn’t want to fill out a bracket with pornography on it.

      The SFW bracket template was not finished by the collage maker due to unforeseen circumstances.

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