Keepsin’ It Real

So, did you know there’s a team of over 45 50 moderators for the main room at Cuckold Chat? It takes a lot of people to make sure the chat is covered 24/7 365.

Furthermore, we need this many because as you know one of the things we do our level best at is attempting to vet all the new members that you’ll see posting pics in the chat to make sure they’re not posting webpics (pics found on the internet of random women whom they don’t know).

Why do we do this?

Because we don’t want the chat to degenerate into an anarchic swamp of people posting randoms since that has nothing to do with hotwifing or cuckolding. The main room is a place for people to show off their own real wives/gfs. We have a dedicated room to webpics, and the main room isn’t it.

How do we make sure we do this right?

Well, we have more tools than you might think, which means we don’t just rely on reverse image searching on Google. We also have more little birds than Lord Varys (winter is coming 😉 ). This is important because it helps us investigate potential fakers on a deeper level than just performing one reverse image search.

Speaking of using reverse image search as a tool to identify possible fakers, please be aware that just because someone’s pics show up on google in reverse image search doesn’t mean they aren’t the original owner of the pics. After all, many of the people you see sharing pics here have been sharing their pics for awhile, both here and on other sites. Some of these pics have inevitably made their rounds on the internet. When this proves to be the case, we investigate deeper to make sure the person posting them here is indeed the original owner. If they are, we give them the green light.

It’s also important to note that just because someone’s pics don’t show up on google image search doesn’t mean you can assume they’re real. As I said, we have other tools and methods that we use to vet people.

I’m saying all this because I want you to be able to rest assured that the people you see posting pictures have most likely been vetted by us if they’ve been a member for more than a few days and have more than 100 kudos—even if you can find their pics on 15 other sites. Odds are, we’ve already put them through the ringer to prove they are who they say they are.

Last but not least, even though I am extremely confident in the ability of myself and staff to ferret out the fakes, some occasionally sneak past us from time to time. So if you think you spotted a fairly new member (or guest) posting fakes or webpics, just shoot a staff member a PM with your evidence/reasoning (which means tell us a little more than something like “I have a feeling so and so might be fake”) and we’ll look into it immediately.

Rock on and rest assured—we’ll always be doing our best to make sure we keep this chat as safe, enjoyable, and real as we can. Thanks for all your support!

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