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Since it's the month of love, we figured it might be appropriate to run a contest that was all about expressing what YOU love about Cuckold Chat.

To clarify, we're not looking for anyone to blow rainbows up our rear ends as much as we're looking for all of you to share your thoughts on what makes this place special to you.

So if you want to tell a story about how you maybe met a Dom Exposer who knew just how to push your buttons and show off your wife's pics, tell us about it!

If you want to tell us about your experience of what it's been like showing off your wife to the world with hundreds of people watching every second of the day, tell us about that!

If you want to tell us about the friends and connections you've made here with others, tell us about that!

The point is this: you can tell us whatever the heck you want as long as you tell us specifics about what you like, or why you like it.

All submissions will receive 75 kudos (limit: 1 submission per username). Staff will vote on the top three submissions and the following prizes will be awarded:

1st Place: $25 Amazon Gift Card VIP Status (2 weeks) 2 Weeks of Nightmode OR Custom Username Color (when VIP status runs out)

2nd Place: VIP Status (1 Week) Custom Username Color (when VIP status runs out)

3rd Place: Custom Username Color (1 Week)

**Winners will be chosen by staff**

**All valid submissions will receive 75 Kudos**


Contest Entries

Below are some of the entries we received for this contest. The entries have not been edited in any way in order to preserve their authenticity, so please excuse any spelling and grammar mistakes you might find. Hats off to all who entered and said such wonderful, positive things about the chat. It's feedback like this that helps us know we're on the right track, and keeps us going!



There are many reason why I LOVE Cuckold chat! For starters its nice ti have place that's dedicated to our way of life and in some cases fantasy. Instead of a few for all mentality there are real cuckolds, Cuckoldress and Bulls. It's more in-depth, specifically in the conversation room and the the special live discussions take place it provides valuable insight into every aspect someone might have a question. It's also been really cool to connect and reconnect with some of the admins that have seen my wife for many years posted. But of course not to overlook what you already mentioned in the description but its a chance for many people form all over to see my wife and those of others fully exposed. I also hope that there's a slight chance of actually meeting Mr. Right for my wife through the various picture showing and chats. Lastly, there are rules and not just a bunch on internet or inappropriate pictures being tossed around. I've felt very welcomed for the date I registered ! Kudos to all of you on staff for doing a fantastic job. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the specific topics in the conversation rooms.


I love it because my wife cindy has been involved in the lifestyle for almosy 5 years now and the people I have been talking to plus met in real life are on this site . it gives me a chance to catch up with people that I know and also lets me keep in line with the rest of what people live like


you found friends and can talk about the life of cuckis


Why do I love cuckold chat? The sheer volume of incredibly hot women constantly flowing through here, the ability to share my own hot wife with the group, and the sense of community between all posters and commenters ... it's better than Viagara 😉


Bar the fact that we have a community of like minded people to have a place to "CUM" too :D, without judgement is an amazing thing however the long term chats built (in some cases even further) is the most amazing thing, the range of ages/colours/fantasy and experiences just confirm that this lifestyle is for me. Talking to people in an open manner about the experiences they have had and how they are similar (more importantly different) to your own opens up doors that I didn't even know I had. Plus the amazing women are just a plus.


i love the friends an connections ive made be it older dom men who enjoy telling me what they would do to my sub wife to the fellow foot pervs who have shared there older womens feet with me as i share the women in my lifes feet i love the openness and how its all in one easy place to connect with eachother not jumping through hoops


"I’m in love with dr.36!
Very easy and well run chat. Everybody has a voice so long as you follow the basic rules. Well done to all"


Because I am 1


I've met so many like-minded people here. I've wanted to expose my girlfriend at my own pace and have found people who are very respectful of my boundaries and yet are able to push me in the direction I want to go. No other place like it!


"I'm not sure how to gather my words. Some of my favorite things about cuckold chat:
-Finally knowing the name for a huge fetish of mine (showing off my wife)
-I love getting instant feedback that other people find my wife sexy (thumbs up/kudos)
-I love getting rewarding for sharing my wife with strangers on the internet (kudos again)
-I love the team of pervs that you have collected who make such great collages/photo manips of everyone's wives
-getting the thrill of seeing my wife pop up in the room when she is occasionally reposted
-and maybe my favorite, is the chance to chat with fellow pervs and hear all the dirty things they wish they could do to my wife, while i get to show her off"


I love cuckold chat because it's a place where you can find everything you want around cuckold chatting. From serious conversations to extreme humiliation. All this time I have met lot of people who are into real cuckold lifestyle. This is another asset for this site. The authenticity of the members. Even my self register at VIP by showing my wife's pics with logo on. And finally I love cuckold chat because I can show off my wife! Live in a room! People see her and asking her to pose and I send the pics in the chat and it was so fucking hot!


I love CC because I have the ability to talk with and share with a bunch of like minded people. I also love knowing that someday, we may find shared pics somewhere in the web.

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    Great idea and I hope my submission was the first one! Great place – Keep up the good work

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