I Love Cuckold Chat

“Nothing more than noticing the guys who are exploring my wife’s assets would make me satisfy. Indeed, I feel strong when they wish to be in my place to reach to her panties.

My craziest night which started my cuckold life was a night in bar which an old man was alone. My wife was drunk and she sat on his lap and started kussing him since he was depressed. Then he join us for a drink and fucked my wife unbelievably 3 times in one night. I really enjoyed that and since then, would love to make guys jealous by forcing my wife to show more and more skin…

I am honorably a cuckold”


This is simply the best place for believers in the lifestyle to meet.

I met my wife in a 3some when a friend told me he knew a russian slut that loved MMf….I am Brit 59 she is Russian 36 ex dancer and slutmom. . we live in the Far East

One Bull we shared pics with saved them …He posted my wife on Craigslist…the first thing we knew were tons of cock pic replies…when I asked if he had done it he said “”Yes…I have every right to””

The thrill out of him posting my wife like that – without even asking or any warning was SO incredible!

He was surprised when he asked for more pics of her naked and clearly showing her face i sent them to him immediately- it went without saying that they would be posted too. ( and of course they were)

He also said that if he was our Bull in real time he would have sex pics of my wife on every wall in the home….actually it never go to that point but I ofetn wondered if we had met in real tiime, if he would really have done it…


I love the ability to chat with people all around the globe who share my fetishes and interests. I also respect the fact that I have yet to see a baguette dildoed pussy on here, so phewww. Gluten-free pussy for everybody!


What I love about Cuckold Chat:

It’s a place where like-minded people meet, and treat each other with respect regarding their boundaries while still having very exciting encounters. It’s a place of sharing and admiring, a place of making new friends and playing around. This combination is very rare nowadays, but a good line-up of moderators and rules make it work! Artistic and sexy. It’s addicting!


I love this chat because it allows me to contact other people who have the same tastes as me. I love to see the wives of other cuckolds exposed, and on occasion to exhibit mine in the sight of hundreds of strangers. I also like it because I can contact a Bull that dominates me and humiliates me


Thanks again to all the users who submitted their entries. If you'd like to say some words about the chat, please leave them in a comment here and I'll add them to this post.

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  • AllaboutD

    Reply Reply February 5, 2019

    Great idea and I hope my submission was the first one! Great place – Keep up the good work

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