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I have enjoyed Cuckold Chat as I have found it easy to share thoughts and experiences with like minded chatters. I have found those I chat with to be understanding and non-judgmental. This has allowed me to make several actual friends who I chat with regularly; although I am also continually meeting new people and getting to know them as well. I also enjoy showing my wife and getting feedback on both her looks, history and lifestyle. Plus I find the activities in several of the various rooms to be interesting, enjoyable and erotic. I do recommend that chatters register as I feel more comfortable chatting with them since I feel they are more sincere and trustworthy. Finally I think the kudos rewards system is a fantastic bonus and I have enjoyed redeeming points for awards.


Nice to show off without a flood of dick pics and spam


“I love having the opportunity to learn from the experiences others share and let others know that it is possible to convince your wife to try this awesome experience.

Along with all those benefits make some new friendships with people that share similar desires one of which lives near us and I met him in person and we are planning to introduce him to my wife to become a good friends with benefits”


“I love cuckold chat because the people are so genuine. I have chatted with a number of guys. So many are just like me — older (40+), love their wives, and think their wife is the hottest in the world. I love that there are strong rules and the moderators help keep everyone in. Also, I love that the number of gawkers and lurkers and pervs is at a minimum. The site seems to be a very safe place to explore sexuality without being bombarded by guys who just want pictures of your wife.

The site is addictive, fun, and safe.”


well from the first my husband started with you on how to convince me to have sex with others he didnt know i was already having sex with my boss and some of his friends and my girl friend and i were vbranching out and meeting black men in bars oh yes my boss is black on labor day last year my boss Ben and i let him know we were having sex he was all for it Ben and Jack became real friends


Because I am sure I’ve spunked enough loads over the women here to wallpaper a small bungalow with enough left over to father a soccer team.


Being someone who enjoys the thrill of showing his wife to strangers and having them enjoy her for their personal use is a tough task to accomplish in a somewhat discreet way. Cuckold Chat allows me to find guys who like a particular type of wife like mine which is very important. The chat allows you to experience some of your specific likes which is awesome. I have met several guys who I have established a long term chat with which is my preference. Connections through the chat has even allowed me to have my wife fully owned online by a few select guys. Cuckold Chat has allowed me to hear the phrases “She has me hard” & “I’m saving your wife” in a comfortable manor.


I joined Cuckold Chat back in October 2018. Even though I’m a “Bull” I found all the information about the lifestyle Hotwife & Cuckold alike very interesting, and helpful. It helped me to understand what makes this lifestyle so appealing to both men and women without all the hype you get from other sites on the web. Also it has given me the opportunity to guide several men and women to the help they have been searching for. Although I haven’t been successful in hooking up with a couple so far mainly due to my location, I have made several friends on here which has been a great help to me personally since I’m a widower and have many lonely hours. I enjoy the discussions that are very interesting, and informative. Sometimes we have a time of cutting up with each other and have some great laughs together. This is the only website where I feel I fit in and feel a part of. I would like to thank Dr36 and all the Mods that keep this website running smooth, and keeping the trash & spammers from ruining it for all of us.


“CC has been great for me as it has enabled me to understand more just what I am. Before this chat came along I would chat on other sites and found other users to be judgemental & i quite often at times felt like I was being ridiculed.

On here I love interacting with like minded people also guys in the same boat as me who may not understand their own feelings & emotions & it’s good at times to help them understand what being a cuckold actually is.
My favourite room is the hot wife porn room as quite often I can see/feel an emotion I have felt expressed vividly right before my eyes.”

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    Great idea and I hope my submission was the first one! Great place – Keep up the good work

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