I Love Cuckold Chat

Since it’s the month of love, we figured it might be appropriate to run a contest that was all about expressing what YOU love about Cuckold Chat.

To clarify, we’re not looking for anyone to blow rainbows up our rear ends as much as we’re looking for all of you to share your thoughts on what makes this place special to you.

So if you want to tell a story about how you maybe met a Dom Exposer who knew just how to push your buttons and show off your wife’s pics, tell us about it!

If you want to tell us about your experience of what it’s been like showing off your wife to the world with hundreds of people watching every second of the day, tell us about that!

If you want to tell us about the friends and connections you’ve made here with others, tell us about that!

The point is this: you can tell us whatever the heck you want as long as you tell us specifics about what you like, or why you like it.

All submissions will receive 75 kudos (limit: 1 submission per username). Staff will vote on the top three submissions and the following prizes will be awarded:


1st Place: $25 Amazon Gift Card + VIP Status (2 weeks) + 2 Weeks of Nightmode OR Custom Username Color (when VIP status runs out)

2nd Place: VIP Status (1 Week) + Custom Username Color (when VIP status runs out)

3rd Place: Custom Username Color (1 Week)

**Winners will be chosen by staff**

**All valid submissions will receive 75 Kudos**

Deadline to enter is 11:59pm EST February 28th. Enjoy!

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  • AllaboutD

    Reply Reply February 5, 2019

    Great idea and I hope my submission was the first one! Great place – Keep up the good work

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