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Below you’ll find featured stories that push not only the boundaries of those within them, but also perhaps even your own. Furthermore, it should be noted that these stories are not to be representative of general experiences when living out alternative lifestyle arrangements. They are the exceptions, which to some make them even more erotic. Read at your own risk!

Dean Fox accidental hotwife

A Special Feature Story: Accidental Hotwife

If you’re someone who reads a lot of cuckold and hotwife stories on the web, then you might have also developed some high “standards” for what you consider a truly “hot story”. In that case, I have something for you. I came across a 149 page hotwife story on Amazon which I found to be…

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Be Careful What You Wish For – How I lost My Wife To The Lifestyle

The following account was written by someone who goes by the name of Bound2bMine. The story itself is highly erotic if you’re someone who fantasizes about being cuckolded without limits. That said, the ending is harsh and definitive, but nonetheless very informative regarding the dangers of exploring the lifestyle without boundaries.

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Risk And Reward

The following story was written by an extremely talented (and deviantly perverted) individual whose name was once only heard in faint whispers in the darker corners of the internet, and is now hailed as one of the most interesting cuckold fiction writers around. Nebic, as he is called, has attained a reputable level of popularity when it comes to cuckold stories, especially those involving humiliation. This story is a Special Feature Story, so enjoy!

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