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Here you’ll find exclusive interviews that you won’t find anywhere else on the web with REAL cuckold/hotwife couples. You’ll hear their stories, and learn some valuable tips and tricks that you’ll find useful no matter where you are in your own cuckold/hotwife journey.

Female Led Relationships

An Exclusive Interview – Meet Nancy Lewis, Creator of the Blog “FemaleLedSociety” 4.5/5 (2)

Did you know that for a lot of couples (not all, but a lot), cuckolding and Female Led Relationships go hand-in-glove? Nancy Lewis, creator of the blog FemaleLedSociety is here to tell us how and why, and also provide us with some of the most well-informed advice you’ll ever come across for both women and men regarding FLRs.

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An Exclusive Interview – Meet CurvyHotWife 4.7/5 (9)

An interview with a woman who fits the quintessential wife type with the warm and fun personality…the supermom mother of 3 type, who also happens to be a MILF, bakes “a metric shit-ton” of goodies for her family, etc. And oh yes—she’s a certified Hotwife with her own website and goes by the name Curvyhotwife.

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An Exclusive Interview – Meet YoungHotwifeDiary 4.8/5 (6)

In this interview, we get a special peek into the minds of a young couple in their mid to late twenties who keep an online diary while exploring the hotwife lifestyle. Sate your curiosity while also getting some really great advice about boundaries, intimacy, and insights into the female mind.

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An Exclusive Interview – Meet MyDarkSexyPlace

If you’re into chastity cages, humiliation, and just downright “I don’t know how he survives that” kind of teasing, then you’re going to want to check out this interview because not only is it fascinating and darkly erotic, but it’s also filled with very solid and realistic advice regarding how to incorporate chastity into your cuckold relationship.

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Nico and Eva

An Exclusive Interview – Meet NicoRuth63 5/5 (1)

If you can’t handle reading about the real life version of a cuckolding fantasy that involves some heavy teasing and taunting, denial of a more permanent sort, and pushing boundaries to the point of ripping off a lover’s condom in the middle of sex, then you shouldn’t read this interview. But if some of those ideas make a part of you feel alive inside, then you’ll love getting a peak inside of Nico & Eva’s arrangement.

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An Exclusive Interview – Meet NothernUtahHotwife 4.7/5 (34)

You know why I love this interview? It’s proof that you can get your resistant wife to go from rejecting your fantasy in tears to being an insatiable hotwife who plays “run the train” with college athletes…

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Cornish Vixen And Her Stag BLR

An Exclusive Interview – Meet “A-Cornish-Vixen-And-Her-Stag-BLR” 4.6/5 (11)

The Vixen in the Tumblr couple “A-Cornish-Vixen-And-Her-Stag-BLR” does a really great job of articulating just how enjoying this lifestyle can be, and what she enjoys about it—so such so that she got that Vixen image you’re looking at tattooed on her!

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An Exclusive Interview – Meet OurSexyExploration 5/5 (3)

Check out this interview with an easy-to-relate to couple who are new to the Stag & Vixen lifestyle. It couldn’t serve as a better example of how normal it is for a wife to have a slew of objections to her husband’s fantasy, yet still willingly come around to trying it, and being glad she did.

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hotwife interview

An Exclusive Interview – Meet Luckycucky69 4/5 (2)

Get inside the mind of a normal guy turned cuckold in this exclusive interview. Luckycucky69 talks about how he discovered his cuckold fantasy and how it progressed over time, eventually leading him to have some thrilling relationship experiences.

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The Cuckold Path

An Exclusive Interview – Meet JC Wittol, An Award Winning Cuckold-Fiction Author 4.5/5 (2)

Award Winning Cuckold Fiction author JC Wittol shares his personal cuckold story, penetrating insights into the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle(s), an insider’s peak at some of the characters in his books, and some great advice for those aspiring to live the cuckold or hotwife lifestyle.

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