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Here you’ll find exclusive interviews that you won’t find anywhere else on the web with REAL cuckold/hotwife couples. You’ll hear their stories, and learn some valuable tips and tricks that you’ll find useful no matter where you are in your own cuckold/hotwife journey.


An Exclusive Interview – Meet MrsDarkCuckold  4.6/5 (33)

On a scale of 1-10, how interested would you be if I told you our next interviewee was a down to earth, thick and curvy, pierced and tattooed gamer-girl who loves cuckolding her husband because of the power it gives her? If this sounds like your type of woman, then enjoy the next few minutes…

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Cuckold pregnant wife

An Exclusive Interview – A Husband’s Wife Pregnant With Her Lover  4.7/5 (54)

If you’re a cuckold and want to know what it would be like for your wife to get pregnant with her lover or bull, then check out this interview of it a husband who retells his story of how it happened to him and his wife!

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An Exclusive Interview – Meet Rebecca’s Boyfriend  5/5 (9)

In this interview, you’ll get to meet the boyfriend of Rebecca from RebeccasOffice as he shares some never-before-heard stories about Rebecca and how the two of them met. Caution: if you’re not already someone who fawns over Rebecca, you will be after reading this interview.

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An Exclusive Interview – Meet sub2myGoddess  4.9/5 (20)

It is with great excitement that I give you the first official interview from a verified VIP member of Cuckold Chat. His name is sub2myGoddess. sub2myGoddess was willing to participate in an interview about he and his deliciously promiscuous wife’s cuckold relationship. What’s even better is that she was willing to participate in the interview…

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lovenloveliness stacy

An Exclusive Interview – Meet ♠ Stacy ♠  4.7/5 (55)

I interviewed a Unicorn. Or to be more specific, I interviewed a wife who doubles triples as a mother, hotwife, and [redacted] exclusively for black guys. You need to read this interview.

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An Exclusive Interview – Meet Lillybgoddess  4.7/5 (18)

Check out this exclusive interview with the unrepentant Tumblr Hotwife sensation Lilly B Goddess and learn a bit more about the Stag & Vixen lifestyle!

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An Exclusive Interview – Meet HouseWifeKelly  4.6/5 (17)

Check out this interview with Kelly Anderson, a sexy, green-eyed, blonde hotwife who absolutely loves rock music, facials, and laying next to her partner while getting pounded by a complete stranger—which she describes as “pure ecstasy”.

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Male Submission, Humiliation, & BDSM With Miss Ava Zhang  5/5 (6)

In this interview, I discuss men and the male desires for submission, humiliation, masochism, BDSM, etc. with professional dominatrix and humilatrix Miss Ava Zhang, whose understanding and perspective on these concepts will undoubtedly enrich your own.

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E The Real QOS

An Exclusive Interview – Meet E The Real QOS  4.9/5 (55)

Do you like cumsluts? If so, our interviewee considers herself one, and has an insatiable affinity for BBC because of “the color contrast, the taboo of it, the way it [stretches] me out…” Check out this interview with “E The Real QOS”.

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An Exclusive Interview – ForHisPleasures  4.6/5 (16)

In her own words, “Blessed to have the freedom to pursue my sexual desires…. whatever those may be. Married with 3 kids. Gemini. Switch. Bi-light. Baby Girl. Kitten. Domme. Vain as heck. Insecure most days. Love erotica, wine, shoes, good conversation, and I’m a little obsessed with Manuel Ferrara.” How could you not want to read more?

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