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Below you’ll find a compendium of the most informative and interesting news on cuckolding and hotwifing that are out there on the internet. Got something you’d like to submit or one you think should be added? Let me know!

Multiple Men

Ovulation & Female Sexual Fantasies

Find out what recent Psychology research has revealed about how certain aspects of woman’s sexuality change when she’s ovulating…

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Cuckolding Across The World  4.3/5 (10)

If you were ever curious about whether or not cuckolding is a U.S. phenomenon as opposed to being a worldly one, here’s the answer with some concrete proof.

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How Sperm Competition Can Induce Ovulation  4.9/5 (16)

Want to know the biological mechanism behind how gangbangs can increase fertility? Hint: it’s not what you think it is.

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Sperm Competition

Scientific Proof That Women Inherently Desire To Cheat  4.4/5 (5)

If you ever wondered whether or not the claims that women are biologically driven to cheat are true or not, or if you get off on the idea, then you’re going to love what you read in this study.

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House of Cards Cuckold

House Of Cards Cuckolding

WARNING: this post contains spoilers about the plotline of House Of Cards. If you do not want certain aspects of the show spoiled for you, don’t read any further.

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Cuckolding From The Perspective Of A Professional Dominatrix  5/5 (3)

A professional dominatrix gives a very normalizing elaboration of cuckolding in this article.

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Nickelodeon Pushing Interracial Cuckolding Fetish Onto Children?  4.7/5 (9)

Find out the story behind how the writer for a kids show also wrote a soft porn film called “The Cuckold”.

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Is Tiger Woods A Closet Cuckold?

Even Tiger Woods has cuckold tendencies…

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