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Looking for REAL cuckold stories and hotwife stories? Then you’re in the right place. Every month I’ll be running a cuckold and hotwife story contest. Below you’ll find current and previous story submissions from real cuckolds and hotwives about their sexual escapades.

Wife Trapped To Swapping Sex With My Friend And His Wife 4.1/5 (25)

Two months back my graduate level best friend along with his wife came to our town on business trip and stayed at our house. We used to talk over phone all things under the world and also our personal sex issues. Once we too have discussed off swapping our wife and sex together and had…

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Julie Goes Black 4.6/5 (34)

I know a lot of women who say they’re beautiful. Most aren’t. I was fortunate enough to have been born that way, and reaped the advantages of it all through high school and then college. I was raised in a middle-class southern family, but recognizing my looks would get me far in life, my family…

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Sue Gets a Mini Gangbang HW 4.4/5 (33)

“Are you sure you want to do this?”, Bob asked as Sue finished rinsing the breakfast dishes. “You bet,” Sue said, “it isn’t often that a woman gets a chance like this.” “Okay,” Bob said, “I’ll be home about 5:00 and we’ll see what happens.” He came over to her and kissed her on the…

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An Exclusive AMA – Tastycolomilf 5/5 (1)

On February 10th, 2020, Reddit user and sexy hot MILF tastycolomilf did a one-hour AMA (Ask Me Anything) event with us on Cuckold Chat. The transcript is inside.

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Wife to Slut 4.6/5 (45)

This is a true account of what happened to my wife one weekend in October. I have always had a healthy appetite for sex and have never seen it as something dirty or forbidden. Quite the opposite, I believe more people should enjoy more sex more often. And I feel that extramarital sex can keep…

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The Hunter HW 4.4/5 (28)

It was one of those warm fall days, when summer wouldn’t quite let go. It was a warm today, about 75 degrees. It was October 1 and the fall bow season had opened. I had broke away from work about noon to get a little quality hunting time in. There is no quiet way to…

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Husband Gets Seconds 4.5/5 (60)

Sue felt the surge of cum shooting into her cunt. Will’s engorged cock throbbed inside of her with each surge. She felt herself going over the edge, the tingle shooting from her toes to the back of her head. She pushed her cunt into his surging cock, her back arching, and her legs squeezing his…

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Wife Gets Taken BBC 4.5/5 (40)

My wife, Sue, has quite often told me about her fantasy of being taken by a black man. This was especially apparent when we would watch x-rated movies with well-hung black males and white females. She would cum almost immediately after watching these movies. Our anniversary was a couple of weeks off and I still…

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An Exclusive AMA – Charly Summer 5/5 (1)

On February 3rd, 2020, the unbelieveably naughty yet down-to-earth young mom Charly Summer did a one-hour AMA (Ask Me Anything) event with us on Cuckold Chat. Download the transcript here.

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An Exclusive Interview – Meet Hottwife09 4.3/5 (27)

You know the interracial cuckolding fantasy so many men have? The one where they dream of their wife having sex with random black men, bareback…risking (hoping) they get knocked up?

Hottwife09 is a wife who actually does this….

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