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Looking for REAL cuckold stories and hotwife stories? Then you’re in the right place. Every month I’ll be running a cuckold and hotwife story contest. Below you’ll find current and previous story submissions from real cuckolds and hotwives about their sexual escapades.

The Package 3.7/5 (3)

“Oh yesssss! Eat my pussy, you bitch,” Reina moaned, gripping my head in her hands and humping her drooling brown haired gash at my mouth. She loves to fuck my face when we’re in the office. “Oh. Oh. That’s it. Lick my clit, you worthless faggot. Make me cum in your mouth.” As I did…

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My Wife, Made His 2.8/5 (4)

The beginnings of this story are real; I only advanced into science fiction to further twist my insatiable desires for such things. I have not yet opened the door in real life, and am not sure I will. The anticipation and fantasy will keep me satisfied for a very long time. This is my second…

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Grad School Wife – Part 2 4.6/5 (8)

Chapter One– Grambling A week later and I am arriving on the campus of Grambling University. Yes I know it as a black school, Yes I know James has probably told his Frat buddies about this middle aged white woman who loves to fuck black men. That’s why I’m here. I did not come here…

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It’s Easy When You Let Go 4.3/5 (17)

How does a man and a women given in marriage get to a point that they are ready to share their lives and love with another person, well like the story line says its easy when you let go. I had met a guy at work and we became friends, we had a common interest…

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The “Overcucked” Phenomenon, Part 3 4.8/5 (4)

Part 3 of this emotionally exhausting four part series actually brings us to “that weekend”…the three day 2 night weekend where it all went down…where Tom experienced the phenomenon of being “overcucked”. WARNING: reading this will make you feel all kinds of psycho-sexual-emotional feelings. Proceed with caution.

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Grad School Wife – Part 1 4.7/5 (10)

A Special feature story from one of our own respected chat members… ************ Forward So here I was, my beloved husband has just left to drive home after moving me in. Since my roommate Jane was not here he went down on me and gave me a great climax and I sucked all the cum…

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Enrico 4.2/5 (18)

From her perspective My husband and I have been married for over twenty-five years. I just turned 59 and he is 72. The first year we were married the sex was great and often, like every day until I complained about it, then we cut back. At about this time he also gave up a…

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Donnie 4.5/5 (8)

In 1996 my wife went away to Graduate School and we started doing e-mail. One morning I got this from her. This is a true letter my wife sent me although she later denied it was true. ********************** I had been in my apartment for three weeks and was horny as hell. Although my husband…

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Alice’s Awakening 4.6/5 (15)

My current wife is quiet, reserved, and unwilling to share her favours with anyone but me. Lucky me, you might think. Well, maybe… This tale is about my first wife, Alice. She was very different; horny as hell, with the best body I have ever had the privilege to share. Her breasts were large but…

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Welcome To The Club 4.5/5 (19)

I’m new to the cuckold world… at least until last weekend. For the past few years I’ve harbored a fascination of the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle, and until recently did nothing about it but live a frustrated dream. A year ago, I confessed my deepest fantasies to my wife of 32 years and understandably got some “pushback”…

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