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I Love Cuckold Chat

Since it’s the month of love, we figured it might be appropriate to run a contest that was all about expressing what YOU love about Cuckold Chat. To clarify, we’re not looking for anyone to blow rainbows up our rear ends as much as we’re looking for all of you to share your thoughts on…

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Sissy Cuckolds & Sissy Cuckolding 4.7/5 (12)

Want to know what a sissy cuckold is? Learn the answer by reading the following article on sissy cuckolding and the essential role feminization plays here. Oh and we just launched a brand new chatroom for everyone interested in sissy cuckolding; details inside!

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2018 Top Ten List

Ladies and Gents, over the past few weeks staff have been working to put together a Top Ten list out of the all the posters we have here at Cuckold Chat. And let me tell you—it was *not* easy. That said, we did our best and we came up with a list of 78 nominees,…

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Rule Rationale

We get that not everyone will be fans of the rules we have here, and not everyone will understand why we have the rules we do. Therefore, in an attempt to be as upfront and transparent with you as possible, I’ve written the following article to help clarify the rationale behind why we run things…

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Two New Rooms

Welly well well…it’s officially 2019 Ladies & Gents and the Cuckold Chat Team and I thought it’d be a great way to start the new year off by opening two new rooms we’ve been talking about behind the scenes for quite some time. These two rooms are called the Just Your Wife room and the Save And Spread room.…

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A Special PSA To All “Dom Bulls” 5/5 (20)

I’m speaking on behalf of the entire Cuckold Chat Community in writing this article, and I’m asking all the “Dom Bulls” to please start taking a more unique approach in how you solicit people to interact with you. What do I mean? I mean write more in a message than some spammy, several word one-liner…

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expose your wife

Do You Want To Expose Your Wife? 4.8/5 (24)

If you like to expose your wife, or you want to understand why other men enjoy this practice of exposing their wives (otherwise known as candaulism), then read this in-depth article which goes into the biology and psychology behind it all.

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Cuckold Chat’s Halloween Fun Contests

Cuckold Chat is more than just a chatroom; it’s a community. And that’s why we’re excited to announce our first ever Halloween Fun Contests. Yes you read that right—contestS plural. See below for details:   Halloween Photo Contest This first contest is going to be all about sexy Halloween pictures of your own wife or…

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exposed wife

The Exposure Phenomenon 5/5 (22)

Learn more about the two different groups of wife-sharing pic posters here at Cuckold Chat, and the standards of behavior we have for everyone in the community.

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Redeeming Rewards

Find out all about how Kudos can be redeemed for rewards in the newly launched Rewards Store on Cuckold Chat.

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