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Below you’ll find cuckolding and hotwifing articles written by your very own Dr. 36, The Cuckold Consultant. Designed to help you understand more about yourself, your fantasy, and how to explore it in the safest and most fulfilling ways possible!

Cuckolding Online

Cuckolding & Hotwifing: The Online Way 4.6/5 (5)

Want to ease into your cuckold or hotwife fantasy the online way? Find out how you can explore the lifestyle at your own pace with this online resource.

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Can You Trick Or Manipulate Your Wife Into Cuckolding You? 4.5/5 (11)

Just in case you were wondering if it was possible to “trick” or “manipulate” your wife to try out your fantasy, here’s the truth on that matter.

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Jumpstart Hotwife interest

7 Simple Things You Can Do To Jumpstart Your Wife’s Willingness To Sleep With Another Man 4.8/5 (41)

If you’re not sure how to go about getting your wife interested in sleeping with other men, then this article is going to give you the answers you need to take the first steps to making it happen.

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Cuckold Hotwife

Make Or Break Your Wife’s Openness To Sleeping With Other Men 4/5 (1)

What’s the relationship between your electric company and cuckolding/hotwifing?

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Cuckold Popular

The Unbelievable Truth—That Cuckolding Is On The Rise 4.8/5 (10)

If you’ve ever thought that you were in the minority by having a cuckolding/hotwifing fetish, then you’re not going to believe how wrong you are…

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Cheating Wife

Shhhh…My Cuckold Husband Wants Me To Cheat! 4.9/5 (7)

To Wannabe Cuckolds Who Want Their Wives To “Cheat”…

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Cuckold Wiring

You’re Closer Than You Think To Making Your Cuckold Or Hotwife Husband Fantasy Happen 4.3/5 (3)

Did you know that the large majority of women are biologically hardwired to be turned on by the idea of sleeping with someone who isn’t their primary mate?

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