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Below you’ll find cuckolding and hotwifing articles written by your very own Dr. 36, The Cuckold Consultant. Designed to help you understand more about yourself, your fantasy, and how to explore it in the safest and most fulfilling ways possible!

Closet Cuckold

Why Men Who Say They Aren’t Sexually Aroused At The Idea Of Sharing Their Wives Are Liars 5/5 (6)

Anyone who claims the idea of sharing their female partner isn’t arousing on some level is a liar. Here’s how I know….

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Cuckold Angst

Cuckold Angst, Pt. 1 4.8/5 (12)

Have you ever wondered why or how “cuckold angst” turns you on? Find out why in this article.

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“I’m Sorry You’re Having Second Thoughts…” 4.7/5 (38)

A lot of men wonder what it’s like to actually become a cuckold. Furthermore, many others also wonder what the difference is between a stag (or a hotwife husband) and a cuckold. The following real account of a soon-to-be cuckold husband indirectly answers these questions in the best way.

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Will Having Your Wife Read A Cuckolding or Hotwifing Article Help Get Her Into Your Fantasy? 4.9/5 (7)

Before you consider giving your wife an article to read about hotwifing or cuckolding with the goal of igniting a desire inside her to want to explore this, read this…

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Sissy Cuckolds & Sissy Cuckolding 4.6/5 (18)

Want to know what a sissy cuckold is? Learn the answer by reading the following article on sissy cuckolding and the essential role feminization plays here. Oh and we just launched a brand new chatroom for everyone interested in sissy cuckolding; details inside!

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Progress In The Real World

Do you doubt you can make your cuckold/hotwife fantasy happen in reality? If so, take a look at this real world proof that will show you anything is possible.

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How It all Happens In Real Life 4.7/5 (30)

The following is a “behind the scenes” look at the journey of yet another client of mine and how he was able to open his “monogamous” wife to the hotwife lifestyle. You can read his raw and detailed email updates to me inside…

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Cuckolding Across The World 4.3/5 (10)

If you were ever curious about whether or not cuckolding is a U.S. phenomenon as opposed to being a worldly one, here’s the answer with some concrete proof.

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No hotwife

And She Said It Would “Never Happen Again…”Face With Raised Eyebrow on Emojipedia 5.2Thinking Face on Apple iOS 10.3Smiling Face With Sunglasses on Apple iOS 10.3 4.8/5 (5)

A client’s powerful story about how his wife refused to participate in his fantasy ever again. But when he enlisted my help, everything changed. Email screenshots inside…

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Angry Wife

Your Wife Might Not Be Rejecting Your Fantasy–She Just Might Be Rejecting The Way You Brought It Up 5/5 (3)

The way you bring your cuckold or hotwife fantasy up to your wife can be the deciding factor in whether or not she rejects your fantasy.

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