Are You A Bull Looking For A Hotwife Or Cuckold Couple?

One of the single most common problems I hear from those in the hotwifing, cuckolding, and swinging lifestyles is not being able to find a bull. That means there are countless hotwives out there ready to be taken and fucked—they just need a real bull!

If you're a bull or are interested in being one, get your name out there by taking out a listing in The Bull Pen right here on TheCuckoldConsultant.com, so this way the hotwives will be coming to you.

What's the Bull Pen? +

It's Thecuckoldconsultant.com's online listing of bulls that cuckold and hotwife couples can browse to find someone to fuck their hotwife.

How does it work? +

Cuckold and hotwife couples select a region they're interested in finding a bull in, and then browse the list of available bulls in that region. Each listing displays the bull's first name, age, state, email, verification photo, and a short "about the bull" section. The cuckold/hotwife couple then directly emails the bull.

The Bull Pen itself can be found here. You'll notice there aren't a lot of names up there yet, which is great for you because the less options hotwives/couples have to contact, the more likely they are to contact you.

How is this different from craigslist, forum personals, or swinging websites? +

It's a different take on the same concept. You let the communities know you're out there, and you wait for them to come to you. And being listed here gives you the advantage of of being a certified bull, so couples can already know you're not a faker/flaker.

A review system will be implemented in the future.

How do I get listed on the Bull Pen? +

To get listed on the bull pen, all you need to do is purchase a directory listing spot. There's a one-time monthly listing fee of $5. It does NOT automatically renew.

Why is there a fee?

Two reasons:

  1. I have to put your listing up on the site.
  2. It shows you're serious. Anyone who isn't willing to pay a whole big-cash $5 to show they're serious isn't actually serious enough to find a hotwife/couple.

Why is my listing only good for a month?

  1. It helps keep the listings updated, and continues to show your seriousness. The longer your listing is active, the more reputable and serious you'll be seen to couples, cucks, and hotwives who see your listing.
  2. Any listings longer than a month old will be given 3 days to renew. If the listing is not renewed in that time frame, it will be manually removed from the directory.

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