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Does Your Wife Have A Low Sex Drive? 4.6/5 (5)

Does your wife have low sex drive? If so, this article is going to give you some extremely valuable insight into the female sex-psyche.

The following was written by an experienced hotwife who was responding to another man’s question of why his own wife had such a low sex drive. She did such a thorough job of articulating what life is like for most women in modern day society and marriages, and how that contributes to their lack of sex drive.

Furthermore, she goes on to hit you right between the eyes (in a good way) by telling you what you can do and should do if you want to increase your own wife’s sex drive.

Before you read what she wrote, I want to be very clear and state that this is just one perspective or possible reason that may be a contributing factor to your wife’s low sex drive. There may indeed be other factors at play. For more information on what those factors might be, I strongly suggest you check out my interview with , and I’ll post a link to that at the end of this article.

For now, read and heed!

We lose interest because as young wives we have children* hanging on our bodies all day wanting/needing something from us and husbands who come in and fart and scratch and burp and leave their shit everywhere and then want to hang on our bodies and need/want something too ( food, clean clothes, find your shit for you, freaky circus sex); it all becomes one huge chore.

Husbands have a very irritating habit when they are young of not listening/hearing which says, "You are Not important; you are Not worthy of my time/attention," and so on and so forth. In my experience I and every woman I have ever met is physically, mentally, emotionally tired during the child rearing years. We are usually covered in some ones bodily fluids somewhere and not from anything fun.

Sleep deprived, feeling U-G-L-Y because we cant get that last bit of baby weight off, frantic because we have over committed our time to so and so for such and such thing at the important place, feeling like a failure at just about everything we do all the time, hanging on by a thread to the last bit of sanity we have and trying to just make it till everyone is asleep so we can have 15 mins to just be...

And here he comes, horny hubby with one more thing to put on our list of things to do before we can enjoy one second of the day. Husbands want sex from us like before marriage but don't want to act like they did before we were married. So we are worn out and made to feel extremely unimportant which leads us to feeling ugly and unloved and super unsexy. There is an alarming lack of all that cherishing that you boys promised to do when we stood together and promised forever as soon as the honeymoon is over. If this has been your pattern or how you started out and got stuck there, remember if nothing changes then everything stays the same.

Women want attention and when do they want it ALL the time and not the hanging on, pawing, begging, whiny, bitching, attention that ends with a huff when we aren't panting all over your cock immediately followed by "bitch" muttered under your breath as you walk away and slam something. All that says to us is "I don't want to get laid for at least 3 months" DONE!

We need to hear we are beautiful everyday, several times a day, also that we are valued and loved and important to you. We need "Good Morning Beautiful," and connection all day even if it is quick text saying I am thinking about you. We need real affection and connection. We need to know we are your girl and that nothing will ever change that.

When you decide to love on the level that says "How can I serve my spouse today," (and here is the kicker) without EVER thinking of what are they doing for me, am I getting a return, etc, things that should never enter your mind, then we can slowly begin to feel like we did at the very beginning; valued, pursued, desired, attractive, worthy, Loved. Both people in a marriage need to feel this way and when you are only worrying about the person who you can control and who you know what they are thinking 100% of the time because that person is you then things get much nicer. When you learn to do this your life will change dramatically most notably in your marriage and sex life.

How long do you have to do that? Well forever is how long you promised to or till you're dead or are tired of having sex 😉

Men connect through sex, the more sex the deeper the connection.

Women feel sexual from connection but don't get connection from sex; we express the connection we feel through sex, but we get it from honest emotional connection aka: talking, acts of service, time, gifts, etc. Whatever her love language is learn to speak it as a native speaker. Unless yours was a shotgun wedding you have a pretty good idea what it is that makes her gushy, ooey gooey, moon eyed in love, in love. Do those things.

When the sex stops men stop connecting with us which in turn leaves us with no connection to draw off of so no sex. So it is to be it is up to you gentlemen to make the change because if there is little to no sex she is drawing off a dry well that only you can fill.

If you want to know why the women who are hotwives have such high sex drives then look no further then how the Hotwife Hubbies treat and talk about them and their marriages. It isn't because we are all sex craved maniacs from the mere mention of some strange dick; it's because we are truly loved and have no doubts in our hubbies or our marriages.

Take a look around and read some of the ways the husbands talk about their wives and their marriages. It was what convinced me.

* Note you can replace children with work, family, community obligations, etc. if your wife is not a mother.

I know some men who read this will think she’s being too dramatic; others will think she’s playing the victim. Others yet will think this doesn’t apply to them because they already treat their wife the same exact way they did when they first became lovers.

I hang my head for your cuckold/hotwife husband potential if you fall into one of the above groups.

The rest of you will read this and see it for what it is: a wide open view into the blueprint of the female sex-psyche. You’ll walk away having gotten a much needed reality check, and you’ll use this epiphanous moment to make some much needed changes in your relationship, and by doing so, you’ll get that much closer to making your fantasy happen.

Lastly, I mentioned this was one factor (an important factor) that may be contributing to your wife’s low sex drive, but there are others. For another perspective about some harder to detect reasons for your wife having a low sex drive, check out this interview: 16 Years Without A Sex Drive or my FREE eBook 6 Silent Sex-Drive Assassins In Post-Menopausal Women.

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