Reality Shattering Insights From A Duke University Professor

If you think you know the real reasons why your wife is unwilling to try out your cuckold or hotwife fantasy, think again.

A few years back, I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with world-famous New York Times bestselling author and Duke University Researcher/Professor Dr. Dan Ariely. We talked at length about the hidden forces that shape our decisions, which he describes in detail in his book Predictably Irrational.

One of the main points the book illustrates is that we’re often unconscious of many of the factors that affect our decision making. In other words, most people aren’t even aware of the real reasons behind why they make the decisions they do.

This is one reason why the logical, well thought-out, airtight, reasonable things most guys say to their wives to try and get them on board with their cuckold or hotwife fantasy don’t do a darn bit of good in getting the wife to try out the fantasy.

The other reasons is that responding to your wife’s _emotional concerns _in a head-on in a logical, well thought-out, airtight, reasonable way won’t ever do more good than making her more entrenched in her objections than before. Sound familiar?

So if you’re in a situation where you haven’t been able to get past your wife’s objections to your fantasy, what are you supposed to do?

Abandon All Hope…?

Cuckold Hopes

Most guys resort to one or more of the following options:

  1. Futilely attempting to gratify their sexual desires vicariously through porn, erotic stories, and other means that sate their cuckold/hotwife husband desires (even though in the end, gratification in the fantasy world doesn’t compare to gratification in the real world).
  2. Seeking advice from amateur websites or posting their stories on internet forums soliciting advice from strangers (not knowing how credible any of it actually was or if it would really work for their own relationship and situation).
  3. Feebly continuing to try and get their wife on board (and continuing to fail).
  4. Giving up all hope of ever having their fantasy happen in their current relationship (and remaining sexually unfulfilled).

Sounds bleak, right?

Pleading The Fifth

Keep Calm

What if I told you there was a fifth option you could take? One that’s sitting right in front of you that you can use to FINALLY make some REAL progress in making your fantasy happen…

Thanks to time, research, collaboration, dedication, and experience, it’s been discovered that there are 9 essential questions that every woman will and necessarily must answer in her own mind before she decides to take the leap and fulfill her husband’s fantasy. The way these questions are answered dictates whether or not she’ll ever get on board.

If you know what these questions are, and how to answer them for her in a way that supports her emotionally and gives her the confidence and encouragement she needs to be willing to entertain your fantasy, then she’ll tell you she _wants _to try your fantasy out.

Just Imagine…

Getting to count yourself among the exclusive ranks of men who are officially cuckolds and hotwife husbands

The look on your wife's face as she's in the throes of uninhibited pleasure being sexually satisfied by another man

The gripping thrill of experiencing the angst and arousal inside yourself as you watch your fantasy unfold in reality exactly how you pictured it

Getting tantalizingly sexy and erotic text messages from your wife throughout the day because she can't help thinking about this fantasy

The sound of her voice as she tauntingly commands you to lay on the bed because she wants you to feel what it's like to be inside her after another man just passionately ravaged her

The undeniably surging increase and new levels of intimacy the two of you would have choosing to go down this path together

Feeling like the luckiest man in the world as your wife is out enjoying being someone else's sexual plaything because she loves exploring the naughty hotwife part of her sexuality you've unleashed

Skyrocketing your sex life to new levels of mind-blowing passion, and experiencing the almost overwhelming orgasmic bliss of getting to "reclaim" her

Saying goodbye to any low sex drive she may have had because now the new-sex-energy she'll feel as a hotwife will inflame her desire for sex to insatiable degrees

What Are These 9 Essential Questions?

You can find out for yourself by downloading The Cuckold’s Checklist.