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Is Your Wife Resistant To Your Hotwife/Cuckold Fantasy?

You’d be surprised at how effective approaching all this in the right way can be….

Take a look at this recent email exchange with a current client of mine. His wife knew about his fantasy but wasn’t willing to participate in it with him. She didn’t even want to talk about it with him. One day though, while looking for guidance on his situation, he stumbled upon my website. Immediately he was intrigued and skeptical at the same time.

I offer a few different products and services, and this client chose to start out by taking advantage of the current no-risk special I’m running on The Cuckold’s Compass Objection Guide.

He found the guide useful and was impressed with the analysis. That’s when he decided to enlist my full guidance in the form of a Personalized Cuckold/Hotwife Plan . He sent me this update a bit after we started working together (sensitive information redacted):

I post things like this from time to time to show you real world proof that it’s possible to get your wife to willingly come around to trying out your fantasy. You just need to go about things differently than the ways you’ve been trying so far.

I fully expect to add this client to the long list of those who have been successful in getting their wives to explore the cuckold/hotwife/stag & vixen lifestyles. You can be on that list too.

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