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Below you’ll find cuckolding and hotwifing articles written by your very own Dr. 36, The Cuckold Consultant. Designed to help you understand more about yourself, your fantasy, and how to explore it in the safest and most fulfilling ways possible!

Male Submission, Humiliation, & BDSM With Miss Ava Zhang

In this interview, I discuss men and the male desires for submission, humiliation, masochism, BDSM, etc. with professional dominatrix and humilatrix Miss Ava Zhang, whose understanding and perspective on these concepts will undoubtedly enrich your own.


Addicted To Showing Off Your Wife?

Have you ever had the thought that you should stop sharing photos of your wife? Have you ever tried to stop but were unsuccessful? Would you like to know how trying to quit/stop can actually make you more likely to not only continue but go even deeper down the rabbit hole? Read on…this is for you.


Cuckold Angst, Pt. 1

Have you ever wondered why or how “cuckold angst” turns you on? Find out why in this article.


"I'm Sorry You're Having Second Thoughts..."

A lot of men wonder what it’s like to actually become a cuckold. Furthermore, many others also wonder what the difference is between a stag (or a hotwife husband) and a cuckold. The following real account of a soon-to-be cuckold husband indirectly answers these questions in the best way.


Relationship-style Orientation

Is there a such thing as relationship-style orientation? How serious should you take your woman if she says she just wants monogamy and nothing more? Find out in this article.


Sissy Cuckolds & Sissy Cuckolding

Want to know what a sissy cuckold is? Learn the answer by reading the following article on sissy cuckolding and the essential role feminization plays here. Oh and we just launched a brand new chatroom for everyone interested in sissy cuckolding; details inside!