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I’m currently working with a client who we’ll call Ron. I’ve changed his name for discretionary reasons and have gotten his permission to share his story in the manner in which it’s unfolded. As a matter of fact, he’s given me permission to post some of our email correspondence together, which you’ll find below.

The boxed italicized text contains excerpts from the emails he’s sent me, starting from when he first signed until now. The content of the emails remains unedited, save for me redacting/snipping out certain pieces of information at his request for discretionary reasons. Privacy is important. I respect that.

I wanted to share his story with you because it’s a very real example of how these things tend to unfold in reality. It really showcases the journey of a wife who wanted no part of this kind of lifestyle to actually embracing this lifestyle as a fully satisfied hotwife.

So without further ado, here’s the story of Ron & L. I’ll start by showing you an email he sent me containing some background on their relationship:

About a year and a half ago we were really struggling.  Too many "obligations" with [...] and no support from others. The [kids] taxed our relationship.  We became a bit distant with each other and fought over sex mostly.

I complained ALOT. I wanted some "light" and pushed her to have us find some "sexy friends" to get to know and maybe get sexual with. She shut down, thinking she could never "make me happy". I started to read about non monogamous relationships and tried (mistake) to convince my wife to open up and feel ok with that.  We had a big blow up when the kids were away for a weekend and that was rock bottom,  We were spiraling out of control.

So [...] I got a referral for a sex therapist (who is a woman) and we went into see her. The therapist is really good and is non judgmental. I outlined my desires AGAIN as my wife listened and politely told me over and over that my desires were just not her [...]

My wife identified (and maybe still does) as monogamous and I am emotionally monogamous but open. It has become clear that I do not want another woman, nor do I have any bi sexual desires. We seemed to make progress and then something would come up and set us back. [...] I got frustrated. I then would apologize. That leads us to now.

For the sake of discretion, I’m going to have to sum up what happened next by telling you that Ron made some significant progress by getting his wife to agree to go to a swinger’s club.

(FYI: he didn’t just randomly toss it out there. He laid the right groundwork before he did so, and that’s what played a big part in her being willing to go. Laying the right groundwork is incredibly important when going down this kind of path and proposing these ideas and that’s something I make sure to go into thorough detail on in the Personalized Plans I make for all my clients.)

Lo and behold the night went well, very well actually because they met someone. And wouldn’t you believe it, things got a little physical in the club, and the night ended in Ron’s wife exchanging numbers with her new “friend” and going back home to have some “mind-blowing” orgasms. Go figure 🙂

Here’s what happened in the following days:

She told me to let her go at her own pace. [...] They have been texting and sending sexy pics off and on.  She is a bit more reserved than him.  He is being the complete gentleman.  Telling her how hot she is.  She told him she was still "sex drunk from his touch". They are getting to know each other.  I am trying so hard not to push. [...] This is where I am. Wanting more. DESPERATELY not wanting this to end and the magic to stop. Trying so hard not to push. Being encouraging. TOTALLY CONCERNED THAT SHE WILL BACK AWAY. I am having a great time but am so concerned that the magic will stop [...]

Ron proceeded in the right way though, and because he did, things continued to unfold favorably. See for yourself:

Just an update. They have texted some sexy pics, and also pics of pets (lol). She sent him some pics of her in Victoria secrets bras and undies that she sent to me a couple of weeks ago. He sent her a full nude shot of him just for her and she was intrigued. Also a dick pic. [...]

I asked her if she texted him over the last 2 days and she told me she "didn't want to be a needy texter". I reassured her she is not needy in any way. I don't look over her shoulder and over the last 4 days she has come to me when he texts her and she shows me. What she shows me and when is up to her. [...]

He was in town originally [...] I asked her if we/she was interested in having him come back into town to see her/us again. Yesterday she said slow down when i asked this. And then tonight she told me she had it all figured out how to ask him if he was coming back [...] I loved the fact that she is thinking this out in her mind. Such a newbie vixen. My heart thumped [...] Feels so good to be on the same page. HELP KEEP ME THERE......Thanks

Do you notice the buildup to it all? There’s a seduction happening, slowly, and all the while everything is unfolding at the pace at which she’s comfortable. Ron and I discussed leaving her enough room and space so this could unfold in the way his wife needed it to. Here are some more of Ron’s thoughts:

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    Great story! Nice build up.

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