Will Having Your Wife Read A Cuckolding or Hotwifing Article Help Get Her Into Your Fantasy?

Simply put, there answer in most cases is a resounding NO. But why?

Well for starters, if your goal is to ignite some kind of a spark or desire inside your wife to try this lifestyle out, then relying on an article to ignite that spark or desire will fail _because _explanatory / informational / educational articles, for the most part, simply don’t move people emotionally. But why would they? Their purpose after all is to explain, inform, or educate.

Furthermore, the part of your brain that processes these kinds of articles is separate from the part of your brain which emotes / feels / desires. If you want to make someone feel something, especially a desire, than you need to reach the emotional part of their brain. Let me give you an example.

The below video is a short 30 second Lincoln Car commercial with Matthew McConaughhey. Watch it, with the sound on.

Now that you’ve watched it, you can see it doesn’t explain anything. It doesn’t give you any information about the car. It tells you nothing. But, do you know what it does do (to many, many men)? It makes you feel something.

After watching it, many men get this feeling inside them, this desire to _feel _what McConaughey feels. Classy, smooth, suave, content, etc. And of course, in order to feel what he feels, to experience what he experiences, or dare I say to be who he is, you have to own a Lincoln.

Now, do you know how many millions of dollars Lincoln spent to air this commercial (and others like it featuring McConaughey) during the 2017 year? An insane amount. But the better question is, do you know why?

Because it works when it comes to inciting/igniting some kind of desire inside the viewers to want to own a Lincoln. It’s designed in such a way to connect with the emotional part of your brain, not the “logical” part that processes information. And guess what part of the brain we make decisions with?

If you guessed the logical part, you’d be wrong. We make decisions with the emotional part of our brain. Famous Duke University Professor Dr. Dan Ariely talks about this in great detail in his book Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions.

If your strategy is to show your wife an article which talks at the reader about the benefits of why so many people are all of a sudden getting into hotwifing, or how it can enrich your relationship, etc., then you need to re-think your strategy.

Am I saying you shouldn’t ever help educate your wife about the cuckolding or hotwifing lifestyle? Of course not.

What I’m saying is that doing so has it’s place, but only for women who have already expressed an interest in the lifestyle on some level, and who aren’t currently experiencing what I call the desensitization effect. (<–That will be the subject of another article.)

So, if your wife isn’t really into your fantasy, or if she’s fairly resistant to it, do yourself a favor and don’t make matters worse by shoving an article in her face, or surreptitiously emailing her one, or “forgetting” to close your browser so she comes across it on her own. Odds are, it won’t help your cause.

Instead, learn how to do what I call “speaking meta” by checking out this article: https://www.thecuckoldconsultant.com/overcoming-her-resistance/

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