About Me

Overall, I'm a fairly humble and private person. However, because I realize it's important to know more about who someone is before you just up and enlist their help with something as big as this, I figured I'd make this page to help you know a bit more about me. Therefore, in the interest of being as transparent as I can be (without revealing too much about my personal life), I'm not going to hold back when it comes to telling you about my past, my endeavors and accomplishments, and all the things you'd want to know about how and why I can help. So here we go...

The Early Days

Whether it was "winning" writing assignments at school where we had to convince the teacher who she should give a $1 bill to, getting goody-good kids involved in harmless shenanigans and school pranks, or setting a record for the amount of people who I got to sponsor me for our grade-school read-a-thon, ever since I was a young boy I always had a knack for being persuasive.

The older I got, the more I became aware of my "natural talents", and I started using them a bit more for my own self-interests. And although I wouldn't really try and defend the ethics of doing some of the things I did while I was a teen, I can genuinely tell you everyone involved always had fun and I never used my "talents" for evil or malevolent intent.

Eventually though, my focus wound up turning more towards doing good for others by using my abilities for them instead of just for me. That's also when I started trying to understand the mechanics of what I was doing naturally so I could become even more effective at being persuasive and influential because I knew on some level that natural talent alone wouldn't be enough to help me effect the world in the ways I wanted to.

Pursuing A Dual Education

So in addition to pursuing an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a graduate degree in Counseling (with a specialty in Marital & Family Therapy), I gave myself an education in persuasion and influence by reading just about every relevant book I could get my hands on. Being the obsessive type that I am, I looked to attend workshops and seminars on these topics as well.

Looking back on it now, I realized what I was doing was essentially learning to look at one specific topic (which was effecting change in the people and world around me) from as many different perspectives as I could. Attending seminars in alternative subjects like Covert Conversational Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming or educational workshops on working with suicidal clients, or clients with addiction, etc. helped me learn all sorts of different methods, techniques, and approaches to working with people.

And the more sides I saw, the richer my understanding became. This of course helped me hone my skills because I was able to integrate new techniques, approaches, and methods into what I was already doing.

Making A Difference In The World

Suffice it to say, all this helped me tremendously in working with people of all ages in all different kinds of situations. Whether it was helping depressed clients navigate their way out of the black heaviness they felt, or working through the seemingly impenetrable delusions and paranoia of those afflicted with schizophrenia, or helping alcoholics and drug addicts overcome their addictions and put their lives back together, or providing marital counseling to couples helping them navigate some pretty rough and crazy relationship situations, I was exposed to a lot, and therefore I learned a lot.

Along the way, I was even directly responsible for creating a program that changed the core organizational and relational structure of an international residential treatment facility that provided care for clients in need of mental health counseling services. If you think trying to convince someone who loves you to fulfill one of your deepest desires is hard, you should try convincing old, white, rich men to change the way their company runs.

How Candaulism Led To Cuckolding

Anyway, while I was carving my own career path in the world, I was still just a regular guy who enjoyed regular things like watching TV, spending time with friends and family, going to concerts and sporting events, watching pornography, all that normal stuff.

It was only by accident that I discovered I also seemed to have had some candaulistic tendencies. (For those who don't know, candaulism is a sexual practice or fantasy in which a man exposes his female partner, or images of her, to other people for their voyeuristic pleasure.) As I explored these tendencies with a few women, they began to kind of evolve and approaching themes that wound up being more about cuckolding/hotwifing.

To be totally transparent with you, I should tell you that I spent a good portion of my life being the jealous and possessive alpha-male type who wouldn't have ever given a thought to anything even remotely cuckold-related. Looking back on it now though, it's interesting to see how me and my desires evolved from who I was and what I wanted into who I am and and what I want.

Anyway, as I mentioned, my candaulistic tendencies started to evolve into a desire where I wanted my significant other to have sex with another man.

Confessing My Fantasy

I eventually decided to break the hotwifing ice about my desires to my significant other at the time by confessing to her that the idea of her having sex with someone else appealed to me.

And...she was devastated. She actually cried when I told her that stuff.

She said she didn't understand any of it and that she wasn't interested in "that kind of stuff." She also maintained she only wanted me, she didn't want or need anyone else.

For a short time I thought, "I can live with this not happening. It's just a fantasy after all." But I found myself thinking about the idea of her sleeping with other men more and more. I found the fantasy growing, changing, and becoming more extreme. It was like an addiction at times, honestly.

(One of the silver linings to this was that I had done a lot of learning about the fantasy by reading everything I came across about alternative romantic relationships. This would all prove immensely beneficial to me down the road.)

Anyway, I started to worry because deep down, some part of me realized that this fantasy wasn't going away. And as a counselor, I knew the damage repressed desires can do to a relationship. I guess that's why I kept trying here and there to change my significant other's mind.

Everything I tried though just made her more angry and upset. She said it would be cheating, accused me of wanting to sleep with other women, and just wasn't open to anything I had to say in return.

That's when I started feeling hopeless, helpless even because there was nothing to indicate that she would ever be open to this. I thought maybe my wife would just never be one of "those women", or maybe I wouldn't be one of those "lucky guys".

An Important Discovery

But see, the internet was (and is) filled with stories of guys who successfully turned their wives into hotwives, so a part of me thought maybe I was doing something wrong and just didn't know what it was.

So, I started reaching out to every guy I came across who had been successful in getting his wife to sleep with other men. (Perhaps that was a bit intrusive looking back on it, but I was a man on a mission.) During this, I discovered something important; I discovered that all these regular guys who were actually successful in getting their fantasies to happen faced a tremendous amount of resistance from their wives in the beginning.

For some guys, their wife’s resistance lasted weeks. For others, it lasted years. No matter how long it lasted though, almost every wife of every cuckold and hotwife husband out there initially wasn't open to the fantasy.

This was such an important discovery because it meant that at one point, all these guys faced the same resistance I was facing; it meant that if your wife wasn't open to the idea, this was par for the course and you shouldn't just give up.

Perhaps even more important was the implication of all this: it meant I wasn’t doing/saying the right things in the right way for me in my situation. And it turns out there are indeed wrong things you can say and do, and right things you can say and do for your own situation. All these men who were persistent enough to keep trying, they eventually found out what the right things to say and do were.

So it occurred to me that unless I learned what the right and wrong things were for me in my situation, it wouldn't be possible for me to make my fantasy happen.

This is where things get really interesting...

A Unique Opportunity

At the time, I just so happened to be lucky enough to have been interviewing world famous psychologists for an elite expert interview series (on a variety of topics) I was putting together. And that’s when I had an idea.

Sitting right in front of me was the opportunity to ask world-leading Psychology experts in persuasion, decision-making, and sex (and other unrelated fields as well) whatever I wanted.

Now to be perfectly clear, I did not ask these professionals how I could convince my significant other to sleep with another man. Rather, I asked them specific questions about persuasion, sexual fantasies, and alternative relationship arrangements immediately after the interviews.

And that’s how I learned about a few life-changing psychology, relationship, and influence principles that I wound up being able to apply to finally get my significant other willingly on board with the idea of having sex with other men. And oh boy how the flood gates opened. Finally, after all that time of her saying no, it happened. And we both wound up loving it!

Teaching Others What I Learned

Anyway, it didn't occur to me just how groundbreaking all of this was until I started sharing what I did with other guys who had started contacting me wanting to know how I finally convinced my significant other. I started giving them advice and tips based on what I did, and the guys who actually followed the advice I gave them started getting success too. It was then that I realized I was onto something here.

That’s when I started exploring ways I could take all this and try to “formalize” what I was doing. So I created a rudimentary system of sorts, one based on research proven Psychology laws and principles straight from the mouths of the experts, countless hours of retro-analysis, success step retracing, refinement of what was working when I was helping others and what wasn't, and the time-tested learned lessons from my own personal experiences—successes and failures.

I used this "system" to help guide/structure the advice I would give to others and started calling them cuckolding/hotwifing plans. I started to see that although there are important overarching principles that apply to almost all situations, each and every relationship situation is unique and would also call for doing more/less of the same/different things. (That's why the most valuable service I offer is that of creating my signature Personalized Cuckold/Hotwife Plans™. Where else can you get a "manual" of sorts written just for your own unique situation?

Over time, all this continued to unfold and grow and has become what you see here today. I do this professionally and full-time for a living now. And at times, even though that still seems so surreal to me, this is my life, and I'm extremely grateful for it.

Taking The Advice Of A Stranger On The Internet

Hopefully all that has helped you to get to know me a bit better. As for the second part of the question at the top of this page (why should you trust that I can help you make your fantasy happen), here's what I'll say.

I'm sure you're well aware that anyone can pretty much say anything on the internet. That's why I'm not going to try to "convince" you why I'm qualified to help. Instead, I'll just tell you a bit about my results (which are all publicly verifiable):

My site, which ranks very highly in Google's search results pages, gets over 6 figures of visitors per month from all kinds of people, I have thousands of followers on social media, and I work with as many clients as possible each and every month. I'm sure you can imagine that I can only take on so many new clients each month though, which is part of the reason why I'm working on some plans to expand my business and bring other consultants on board.

Throughout my site you'll find real reviews/testimonials about my services, screenshots of client stories from email and text message exchanges, in depth case studies of particular cases over the years, free informational and educational articles on cuckolding and hotwifing, and plenty of other things.

My site and the products/services I provide are still around for a reason—it's because I'm successful at what I do. If I weren't, I would have faded into the dark corners of the internet relegated to the deepweb of forgotten and useless webpages.

Finally, I treat all potential clients and clients alike as I'd want to be treated. I offer discrete purchasing options and all billing/charges are discrete. All my products and services are backed no-hassle risk-free 60 day money-back (double your money back in some cases) guarantees.

At the end of the day, I'd never want to ask you to do something or trust me with this if you were uncomfortable about any of it. But...if you're someone who wants to make his cuckold or hotwife fantasy happen in reality, you'll come to find that trust me and enlisting my services is the best thing you'll ever wind up doing.