Intimacy can be defined in many ways, but one of the definitions I came across a long time ago really stuck with me. It was defined as follows: “knowing the self, being known by another, and knowing another”.

Intimacy requires two people who are willing to courageously look inward and make themselves totally visible to each other. I’m sure you and your wife know each other very well. That said, I’m also sure you can know each other deeper. So how do you do that?

Women love being able to emotionally connect with others, especially their romantic partner. One of the best ways (besides physically connecting with them) to do this is via intimately charged conversations. The problem is that this can be difficult for couples who have known each other as long as the two of you have to do. That’s why I created my product 88 Conversational Connection Bridges.

88 Conversational Connection Bridges

Ignite Intimacy Pathways Like Never Before...

This product contains 88 conversation starting questions that result in fun, intimate, and interesting interactions where the two of you learn more about the other person and yourselves. It also results in forming an intimacy bridge between the two of you, which people love to feel and experience in their relationships.

None of the questions are loaded with negative potential either (i.e. How would we respond if we were on a desert island together). They’ve been carefully designed to yield only positive outcomes.

Price: $30

Please note: this product is available only as a special upgrade after a previous purchase of other products or services.