When starting out down this path (and trying to make it happen), you’re going to want to continue to make time for forming more (and better) intimacy connections than you ever have before. Intimacy connections are shared events or experiences that make two people feel close to each other. Examples abound from popular activities such as going out to eat, going to a movie/concert/event, doing something together on the couch at home, or more alternative activities such as engaging in a shared hobby, taking a class together, going on romantic “dates”, checking off your bucket list, etc.

If you want some particularly unique or special ideas to pull all this off, I encourage you to get my 52 Ways intimacy enhancer guide.

52 Ways

The 52 Ways intimacy enhancer guide contains 52 different ways to enhance the depth, passion, and intimacy in your relationship that your wife is guaranteed to be so impressed and moved by that she’ll confess she hasn’t felt this excited about your relationship since you first started dating.

And just in case your wife is the type who appreciates romantic gestures, I’ve taken the time to make each one of those 52 different ways into pre-made romance coupons/tickets for you to give her so she can choose and use them whenever she wants.

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