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Sex & Marriage Counselor Reveals How You Can Get Your Wife To Sleep With Another Man—Even If She Said It Would Never Happen

If you want to make your fantasy happen but don't know how to get your wife on board, this will be the best cuckold guide you've EVER read.

The Secret To Becoming A Cuckold Or Hotwife Husband

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Most wanna-be cuckolds and guys who want their wives/girlfriends to willingly sleep with other men think that it takes a certain kind of woman to actually be open to doing that. They think that if they aren’t one of the “lucky ones” who married a fun, sexual woman with a wild promiscuous side that they’ll never be able to live out their cuckold/hotwife fantasy. And that's where they're wrong...

Hello And Welcome

I’m Dr. 36, The Cuckold Consultant & owner of The Cuckold Consultant® site .  I made it my mission to help men just like you make your cuckold or hotwife fantasy happen in a way that fits you, your relationship, your wife's personality and objections, and your goals. Today, The Cuckold Consultant® site is filled with invaluable resources to help you get started to take the right steps to make your cuckold or hotwife fantasy happen so your wife will finally sleep with other men, whether that’s helping you introduce the topic in a way where she doesn't reject you, bypassing the resistance she's given you thus far, or navigating any other problems keeping you from living out your fantasy in reality the way you want.

I know that one solution won't work for everyone. That’s why I offer many many services, from my articles and assessments, helpful reports, and step-by-step guides, to my customized cuckold/hotwife consulting that addresses your special needs. With my personalized consulting services, I'm able to get to know you one-on-one and write a Personalized Cuckold/Hotwife Plan™ – a ‘manual’ – just for you and work with you to ensure adequate guidance, support, and a successful result.

Trying to repress your fantasy or satisfy in other ways like porn and forums can be harmful to your relationship. Just know you're not alone! You can think of me as a virtual extension of your “relationship support system.” My cuckold consulting approach is built around your needs, your relationship style, and your wife's personality. I'll work together with you to develop a plan that will help you make your fantasy happen and give you the relationship and sex life you've always wanted.

All the best,
Dr. 36