"Who Else Wants To Learn The Secrets To Finally Getting Your Wife To Cuckold You or Become A Hotwife… Even If She Said It Would Never Happen!"

I'm Going To Show You How To Get Your Wife Willingly On Board With Your Fantasy Of Having Her Sleep With Other Men, No Matter What She’s Already Told You Or How Conservative She is

If you’re reading this, your situation most likely falls into one of the following four categories:

  1. 1. Your wife knows about your cuckold or hotwife fantasy and is willing to fantasize about it in bed, but isn’t willing to actually explore it in real life.

  2. 2. Your wife knows about your cuckold or hotwife fantasy, and is not willing to fantasize about it in bed because she doesn’t like it or even understand it for that matter.

  3. 3. Your wife knows about your cuckold or hotwife fantasy and has explored it with you in the past, but no longer wants to again for whatever reason(s).

  4. 4. Your wife doesn’t know about your cuckold or hotwife fantasy because you haven’t brought it up to her yet.

Because each of those situations is different, they each call for taking a different approach in order to get your wife to "take the plunge". In order to make sure you don't waste your time reading information that won't apply to your unique situation, I'm going to suggest that you complete my FREE Cuckold/Hotwife Probability Assessment.

Cuckold Fantasy Type & Probability Assessment

Take this FREE 5 minute assessment and receive:
  • A detailed analysis of where you stand (current advantages & disadvantages of your situation)
  • The class/type of objections your wife has given you and what that means for how easy or difficult all this will be
  • Feedback on any positive/negative auxiliary factors you have (believe it or not auxiliary factors can make or break your chances)
  • Success Probability Score (how likely it is you'll be able to make your fantasy happen)
  • What type of cuckold/hotwife husband you are and how that relates to your success probability score
  • The next steps you need to take to get your wife to make this a reality

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WARNING: Both the free and paid resources and services on this site are EXTREMELY effective.

If you're not serious about making your fantasy a reality, then you probably shouldn't be here. The methods and techniques I teach WILL work for you in your situation. That's one of the biggest reasons why my site has lasted this long and continues to grow in popularity (I actually now do this professionally for a living). If you want to make your fantasy happen though, you've come to the right place.

Hello And Welcome

I’m Dr. 36, The Cuckold Consultant & owner of The Cuckold Consultant® site . I made it my mission to help men just like you make your cuckold or hotwife fantasy happen in a way that fits you, your relationship, your wife's personality and objections, and your goals. Today, The Cuckold Consultant® site is filled with invaluable resources to help you get started to take the right steps to make your cuckold or hotwife fantasy happen so your wife will finally sleep with other men, whether that’s helping you introduce the topic in a way where she doesn't reject you, bypassing the resistance she's given you thus far, or navigating any other problems keeping you from living out your fantasy in reality the way you want.

I know that one solution won't work for everyone. That’s why I offer many many services, from my articles and assessments, helpful reports, and step-by-step guides, to my customized cuckold/hotwife consulting that addresses your special needs. With my personalized consulting services, I'm able to get to know you one-on-one and write a Personalized Cuckold/Hotwife Plan™—a "manual"— just for you and work with you to ensure adequate guidance, support, and a successful result.

Trying to repress your fantasy or satisfy in other ways like porn and forums can be harmful to your relationship. Just know you're not alone! You can think of me as a virtual extension of your “relationship support system.” My cuckold consulting approach is built around your needs, your relationship style, and your wife's personality. I'll work together with you to develop a plan that will help you make your fantasy happen and give you the relationship and sex life you've always wanted.

All the best,
Dr. 36

P.S. For those of you who want to know more about who I am and how/why I can help, I've written an extensive "autobiography" of sorts on my about me page.


What Are Clients Saying?

It had been a long time since my wife had been sexually pleased (partly due to my size, partly due to performance issues), and I really really wanted her to take on a lover, for her pleasure and my own voyeuristic tendencies. She wasn't open to that idea at all though. I did get her to be willing to let me use a strap-on which worked in the beginning but lost it's appeal to her after a short time. We became more and more distant due to having less and less sex. That's when I decided to enlist the cuck consultant's help. With our first email he had pinned my problem! I started immediately re-working my situation with the recommended changes and within a week we were able to talk about my fantasy without her getting upset! Not only that, but I got her to admit she was into it! From there it was all downhill (in a good way). It's like the beast was unleashed and I couldn't have done it without him. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


Don’t hesitate to purchase a Personalized Cuckold/Hotwife Plan™! It allowed me to overcome my wife's objections and now she's slept with two other men so far! His advice is comprehensive and so easy to implement. Thanks for the help, Doc!


I was convinced I'd never be able to get my wife into my fantasy. Then I found Dr. 36. He has been a godsend to our relationship, and helping me with step by step advice that is well researched, empathetic, and effective. He gave me a method that worked for my relationship and wife, and encouraged me to stay the course. Don’t think about this twice, reach out to Dr. 36. YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE!


I finally was able to get her to go out on her own and go on a date with a guy she met online. The best part was that she said she enjoyed it and would be open to doing it again! EDIT: Reconnecting with my wife after that first date was fun, but it was nothing compared to reconnecting with her after she officially fooled around with one of her dates. She gave him a blowjob in the car in the parking lot of the restaurant they had dinner in! And she swallowed. The doors that have been opened because of all this are just incredible to me, I love it, and so does she.